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Hello all participants , following voting by the ESDU delegates , this is the out come .

Proposed by Fred Bartholimy : France should have the 2 nd delegate Mr Daniel Caso .
All acting ESDU delegates voted in favor so we welcome Daniel in the committe .he is now ligable for taking part in ESDU meetings and voting .
His feed back is most appreciated .

With great pleasure we also welcome Peter Kuba as ESDU delegate from AUSTRIA, after the resignation of Kescha Patonov and Alex Mhall . I would like to take this opportuinity to congratulate Peter for staging ESDu 2012 Championhip ,and thank him for all the work he is doing .

On a sad note I have learned that our friends from Finland will not be with us in Austria due to perponal reasons . thanks for your support.Hope to meet you soon .

Technical Rule changes

Proposed by Charles Pace : We should re view the ESDU technical rules and evolve them further.

After voting by ESDU delegates the follwing changes apply for future technical rules .

Motor technical rules . The following should ONLY apply if a protest arises .

a. The minimum armature resistance in milliohms at 18 /20 deg C + - 3 percent shall be S 16D :285 - Kofrod /Proslot G 12 207/208 - Koford/Proslot Gp 20 123/124 -
Sportsman Gp 20 123.

b. Pro slot D12/ D20 armatures not allowed - only factory tagged 16 D - S16D- X12 or Gp12 and Gp20 - ( Korford tagged 20 )

c. Can specifications : C can maximum inside dimensions .865 - length .925 height 0.566

d. Can Specification : D Can maximum inside dimensions length .950 / width.875 / height.600

General rules

a. Director and a secretary should be selected from the delegates , Any body wishing to fill these post please step forward.

Posts still vacant .


Charles Pace

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I refer to Vince comments in which he may have misinterpretaded my suggestion , and I cofimr as follows:

Top Sportman motors Maximum C Can diamansions . 840 - minimum armature resistance G20 - 131 millihoms .

+/- 3 % applyies on all armature resistance reading in millihoms . and Not On Ambiant Temp .

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