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Thought i should post this before some other wackner nicks the date.
As last year the 24 will be held on the Bank Holiday weekend of Saturday 27th/Sunday28th.
Further details to follow sometime next year.

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Thanks Mr Mitchell.
I hope to have a foreign entry this year (by that i mean a team)
, possibly from Sweden.

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Both Lee and myself thoroughly enjoyed our visit to you last night, what an awesome track!
I can't see putting a team together for this being a problem. I'll check with people at the club on Tuesday and let you know. Are you looking for teams of 4-6?

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Hi Julian,
glad you enjoyed your visit. A pity you aren't closer.
Teams should be a minimumof 4.

will your outfit be pink again?

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As i said last night, it's hard to attract new members but we will keep on trying.
No hurry for an entry for the 24 as i doubt we will be over subscribed.
I expect a Swedish team so in effect i will need 4 more.
Rules etc will follow early next year but i don't see any reason why they won't be the same as this years. Keeps it simple.

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Hi Graeme. Please add the Eastcoat team to the list
This is allways a great event,and we all love youre track

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We will certainly attend with atleast one swedish team. Read all about 24 hours from this years race and it seems to be the one race you should go to! It's fun to meet new faces and especially english ones, if they're as nice as Graeme's, Keith's and Matt's!!

I'll save all of my questions until you (Graeme) have declared all the regulations here. No worry yet but I must admit that I'm quite eager to build a race car (or maybe several) right away!


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Thanks to everyone for the interest so quickly.
Rules have been copied from last years Wolves event which we also used for the 2010 Essex race.
The exceptions to these rules are as follows:
Gear ratio 12/28 only. This makes car set-up easier and cheaper for all.
Lights must work at scrutineering and the car must be removed from the track for the lights to be switched on.
In the event that the lights do not work or fail during the race, the repair is optional.
• Group C cars only from the following list below may be used for the race.
• Porsche 956LH, Porsche 956KH, Porsche 962C, Mercedes Sauber C9, Jaguar XJR9, Lancia LC2, Jaguar XJR12, Mazda 787B.
• Traction Magnets MUST be removed and no extra magnets can be added.
• Cars MUST have all their chassis to body fixing screws firmly secured or covered with a piece of tape or blue tac to prevent screws working loose and falling onto the track.

• Chassis must match the body and remain standard. The shape and dimensions of the chassis must not be modified.
• Each team must write their team name on the external part of the chassis.
• Front axle supports are optional. M2 grub screws may be used under the axle in the appropriate existing manufactured holes in the chassis.
• Should the organisers deem the team's chassis not to comply with the rules, then the team will be handed a new off the shelf chassis, which must be paid for and used by the team.
• The front axle ride height must not be modified and the wheels must protrude above the bottom of the chassis when the car is turned upside-down.
• Spacers may be used between the front wheels and the chassis axle supports. They must not be glued to the chassis or wheel and be free rotating.
• For multi part chassis all the pieces of the chassis must be attached and in place at all times during the race.
• Suspension kits SICH09 and SICH47 may be used.
• The parts forming the two types of kits must not be interchanged.
• The threaded part of the spring suspension kit may be shortened.

• Angle-winder long can standard mount SICH29 (NOT OFFSET) must retain the standard bearings and remain unmodified.
• One or Two Axle Stoppers SIPA25 must be used and fit on the sides of the central support in the angle-winder motor mount.
• Spacers are only allowed between the spur gear and the mount.

• Bodies must be complete and remain standard with all its original parts, except for mirrors, wipers, aerials.
• Bodies may be repainted but must remain standard, no lightening of bodies, lowering of bodies, body mounting posts or trimming of wheel arches (with the exception of the Jaguars wheel arch locating points inside the body which may be removed to prevent the tyre from rubbing.
• Must be attached to the chassis as intended using the provided screw mounting holes.
• Team name, race number must be visible on the body along with the Sponsors logo on the rear wing.
• Windscreens must remain standard and remain clear so that the interior can be viewed.
• Interiors must remain standard with complete driver figure. ( No Vacform interiors)
• Bodies MUST have rear spoilers in place at all times and be securely fastened. Spoilers may be left unpainted.
• The use of plain unpainted bodies is not allowed, plain bodies must be over painted so that there are no unpainted areas (the use of clear coat lacquer over unpainted plastic is not allowed).
• Each Team will be allocated a race number and given a decal sheet on the Friday morning which contains their race numbers & sponsors logos. Your allocated race number must be displayed on the race car along with your team name. The Sponsors logo must be displayed on the top side of the rear wing.
• Mazda 787b may use the Jaguar XJR9/12 rear wing.


Porsche 956
• Type 956 is allowed to have the body modified in order to clear the pinion as shown below.

Sauber C9
• If a suspension unit is used, the plastic parts which interfere may be removed. The rear wing and its supports must remain standard as shown below. (
• You may remove the fixing tabs used to attaché the exhausts to the body shown below. (
• The vertical fins which are the rear brake air ducks may be trimmed to avoid contact with the tyres as shown below. (

Jaguar XJR
• You may remove the grills either side of the wing and exhausts to allow fitment of the suspension kit. See below. (
• You may remove the rear wheel arch covers and the tabs around the inside of the rear wheel arches to avoid interfering with the tyres as shown below. (
• The photo etched splitter on the front may be removed.
• You may remove the air intake above the spur gear to avoid interference as pictured below on the right.

Mazda 787B
• You may remove the rear detailing around the rear wing as shown below.

• Compulsory must be used for the night stage.
• Slot. it lighting kits must be used.
• LEDs may be replaced with different ones provided they have a maximum diameter of 3mm.
• Wires may be replaced with different type of wire.
• Lighting kits must be switched off at the start of the race and switched on in the session before the night stint, during which they must be working correctly. At least three of the four lights must work and stay on for a minimum of 5 seconds without power.
• A small switch may be used to allow for the lights to be turned on and off.
• At the end of the night session the light kit may be switched off or left on. However the car must have the light kit fitted at all times and must still function at the end of the race.
• In case of failure, the lighting kit must be repaired/replaced. If the team cannot repair the light kit then they will be allowed to proceed with a 15 lap penalty for each night stint raced with the failed light kit.
• A maximum of four LEDs only on the car ie 2white front & 2x red rear. Roof lights or additional lights are not permitted.

• The body of the car may be drilled to allow for the LEDs for the lighting kit to be installed. Holes to be no bigger than 3mm.
• Tear proof kits may be used on all the cars but must be of the correct manufactures. i.e. the Jaguar XJR12 tear-proof parts must be fitted to the Jaguar XJR12 body.
• Mazda 787b may use the Jaguar XJR9/12 rear wing.

• Free choice but must be made from metal.
• You must have the correct amount of screws fitted to the car as it comes off the shelf.
• Body and motor mount screws may be left partially unscrewed to allow for rock of the body and mount.

• No weight of any sort is permitted.

• Only Slot it SICH10 Screw guides and SICH26 Clip in guides can be used. Guides blades may be thinned. (It is illegal to add parts to a guide i.e. extending the blade.)

• Free choice but must be secured in the guide using a brass eyelet like in an off the shelf car.
• Braids and eyelets must not be glued to the guide nor can the braid be soldered to the power cables.

• Must be removed from the car and are not allowed.

• Slot it Boxer/2 21k Closed can motor SIMN08c supplied by the organizers, fitted with a 12z 6.75mm Brass Pinion SIPS6712. This will be supplied without motor cable.
• Motor or pinion can only be changed under authorization of the organizers.
• Motor must not be glued or taped to the motor mount. Motors may only be secured to the mount using the correct screws.

• Free Choice but must be used as intended to deliver the power from the motor to the pickup braids.

• Any axle from the Slot. it range may be used.
• Front independent axles may be used using the SIPA39 kit.

• Slot it 15.8mm wheels only and must not be glued to the axles.
• Front Wheels SIPA17-als, SIPA17-mg, SIPA17-pl.
• Rear Wheels SIPA17-als, SIPA17-mg.

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All that time un-noticed. Kind of like one of your Transformers, hiding in plain sight.

PS: stuff the racing, just go for the steaks.

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QUOTE (Brit Slot Nut @ 29 Nov 2010, 13:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Lurking at present!

Don't know if my team will be available. Damn teenagers.


A 2 man team then

We carried them last time anyway

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