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Invitation to the ESDU - European Championships 2012

Hello everybody
I am pleased to announce that after Malta 2008 and Nuits st. Georges 2010,
the 2012 edition will be held in Vienna, Austria.

Here are the latest news:

Date is confirmed: August 3 to 5 2012

the track is a state of the art 1/24 scale quartermile.
It is permanently set up at Austria's largest slotracing club, the Slotcarracer - Vienna,
Lohnergasse 9C
1210 Wien (Vienna)
The following 8 classes will be the included in the ESDU Program:
BRACKET; PS; SS; Gp 12; Gp 20 (90g); TF; MM/PS; and AA/FC

Several accommodations are available:

Hotel Karolinenhof ( 4.4 kilometers from the racecenter) ( website in german, english, french and italian)

Hotel Gasthof Roderich ( 3.4 kilometers from racecenter)

single room 1 night 39 € several nights 36 €
double room 1 night 70 € several nights 64 €
3 bed room 1 night 93 € several nights 84 €

Best regards
Peter Kouba

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Here the results of the ESDU-Championships 2012 in Vienna

Bracket/Public race: 1st : Kurt Bilgeri (Austria )
2nd: Edmont Penza ( Malta )
3rd : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )

PS Race 1st : Kesha Platonow ( Austria )
2nd : Lars Schaefer ( Switzerland )
3rd : Thomas Schaefer ( Switzerland )

SS Race 1st : Edmont Penza ( Malta )
2nd : Thomas Schaefer ( Switzerland )
3rd : Maurice MOMO Jansen ( France )

G 12 Race 1st : Charles Pace ( Malta )
2nd : Edmont Penza ( Malta )
3rd : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )

MM/PS Race 1st : Edmont Penza ( Malta )
2nd : Keith Grech ( Malta )
3rd : Kesha Platonow ( Austria )

TF Race : 1st : Charles Pace ( Malta )
2nd : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )
3rd : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )

G 20 Race: 1st : Keith Grech ( Malta )
2nd : Kesha Platonow ( Austria )
3rd : Fred Barthelemy ( France )

AA/FC Race: 1st : Keith Grech ( Malta )
2nd : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )
3rd : Charles Pace ( Malta )

Best hard body : Charles Pace ( Malta )
Best lexan body : Vince Farrugia ( Malta )
Best engineered body : Peter Kouba ( Austria )
Sportsman of the race : Edmont Penza ( Malta )
First perfect light : Thomas Schaefer ( Switzerland )
Shooting star of the race : Lars Schaefer ( Switzerland )
Top speed of the race : Charles Pace ( Malta ) 127.20 M/ph

Many thanks also to the sponsors D&L CHASSIS , FLASH POINT RESINS , JDS , PRO SLOT and PRO TRACK , they have donated many valuable raceprices.

Many thanks again

Peter Kouba

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Many thanks for the results, congrats to all podium finishers, respect to all participants. Wish I could have joined ...

Any pics anywhere?



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Hello , First and formost I would like to send a big thakns to Peter for staging this event ,and not least to our friend Eric of Slotcarracer in Vienna , best track owner I ever known . You guys made our dream come true.
I would like to thank all participants especialy our friend KESCHA for his support during the race .
Fred and all our Franch friends expecialy Marc for helping Ramon on race direction. the Swiss and all the rest . It has been a great weekend apart from the heat .
Wish we shall have the opportuinity to do it again . Thanks to the sponsores and the lovely ladies for cooking for us such good meals

Come to think of it life is full of surprises at, first I was not coming due to some family commitments , but GOD managed to find a way so I could be their.

Well done every body

Malta .

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Hello fellow racers!

I would like to add a sincere thank you to Peter, Erich and their crew for organizing a great event, and their great hospitality.

Thanks to Ramon and Marc for being fair and competent race directors and starters, and to my fellow racers for their fairness and spirit on and off the track.

A special round of applause to the Maltese bunch, I enjoyed the fierce competition and the chats with you guys!

Thanks as well for the joking and conversations with Daniel, Jack and Marc, it was fun racing with you!

Congrats to all the winners and record breakers, and thanks again to all who contributed to this event, especially the sponsors.

Also, a personal thank you to my parts suppliers, Dave Donnelly for his great wheels & tires & comm drops and Pro Slot for the motors and mags!


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Here is a summary of the race from my point of view, including of course my own results:

I arrived in Vienna on Wednesday on the same train as fellow Austrian racers Kurt Bilgeri and his nephew Fabio Schneider, and was taken straight to the track by my cabbie Peter (thanks!!!). Peter, Erich and their crew took care of everyone and were great hosts throughout the weekend.
The track looked very nice and smooth from the get-go, and I couldn't wait to see the records fall.

The only thing throwing all racers a curve over the weekend was the heat and the humidity, which made the glue very soft and tricky to run and sometimes decelerate on, especially for the narrow-tired Gp20 and the AA/FC cars.

I made a few test runs with most of my cars over the first couple of days and was mostly satisfied to see my motors make good power and waited for the races to begin. The only notable test-run was probably a .498 with one of my AA/FCs on Sat. Night, but the conditions were of course a bit better then on Sunday, at least temperature-wise.

Now on to the race results:

Charles qualified with a perfect .000 RT, followed by Peter and yours truly with .002s. I tried to match Charles' effort on my second run, but missed with a .001 on the wrong side of the tree.
My other car was safely in the field with a .029 - no drama there, until it met Daniel Caso's Top Fueler in rd. 1 and lost with a break-out and a foul - a couple of mistakes too many on my side.
I continued the search for my rhythm on the tree in rd. 2 - against the same opponent and with similar results: 3 red lights in a row this time and another win for Daniel.
I wasn't too disappointed, though, especially after Kurt Bilgeri beat Edmond Penza in the final round and doubled up on his Winternationals win from last year - 2 big international bracket wins in a row!!!

I brought 2 cars to the race, one with a very aerodynamic 1/32-scale FC body and the other a bright yellow Ferrari GTO, intended to blind my opponents and distract them at the start.
I tried 2 new motors before the race, but wasn't quite happy with their performance and re-installed the 2 bullets I had used in previous races right before the qualifying began.
One of the 2 new motors showed some power (based on the mph), though, and was acquired by my French pal Jack and used (if my memory serves me right) to qualify 6th, ahead of my own two cars, which placed 7th and 9th.

Another deal that I probably shouldn't have made (jk), was to offer the spare lexan-bodied Camaro in my box to Lars Schaefer from Switzerland - the kid used it to qualify nr.1, set a few track records and run all the way to the final round!
The car stayed in his box after that!

So that show was basically dominated by the father and son duo from Switzerland, Thomas and Lars were the only ones to run in the .9s and only some red lights, not-so-good-lights, and a tiny little car from Austria that relied on it's driver's lucky guesses at the tree spoiled the Schaefer party.

On the other hand, I seemed to have an opponent named Schaefer almost everytime I was called to the starting line - Lars trailered my Ferrari, while I did the same to his father twice in a row, and then to him in the finals.

Super 16:
The Maltese show: Six of the top 8 qualifyers are from Malta, and it should be 7.
A few had the power, but only Vince got his cars to run perfectly from start to finish and thus ended up with both of them ahead of the field and also with the new European record of .888 in round 2. Unfortunately, that's as far as he got, due to 3 dark-red lights and one very long look at the green.
I didn't fare any better, my motors had plenty of power but I couldn't find a way to make my Inline-motored cars stick on the starting line, and also to slow down consistently at the other end and lost to Fred and Edmond in the first 2 rounds. The only consolation is that Thomas used 2 motors I built for him to win some races and even make it to the final round (using his Parma Edge-chassied PS cars!!!).
Edmond didn't give him any chance there, to take a well-deserved title, ahead of Thomas and Momo Janzen from France, who beat David in a rather strange race that seemingly no-one wanted to win.

Another Maltese-dominated class, the first seven cars after QF from the island, followed by Fred and more Maltese!
I struggled a bit on the start (again), running inline chassis and heavier bodies, but the Dodge FC showed some promise and finally ran within the first 8 in round 1. I killed any chance of further improvement with a couple of close, but unnecessary red-lights against Peter, and immediately put my motor in his car to make things interesting.
My other car sucked and will be used for slower classes from now on - the Opel GT body is the same size and wheelbase as my PS FC!

Anyway, the semis were an all-Maltese affair, Charles, Edmond and Vince totally dominating that race and the first two also setting the new European records.

Top Fuel:
This time, I managed to somewhat disturb the Maltese dominance in qualifying, setting the top speed of the race and running fairly well, at least with one car. My normally favored MAD-dragster, though, kept acting crazy run after run, spinning the tires and refusing to get any sort of traction at the start. I finally tried to soften the wheelie bars by removing the upper struts resulting in one good run, followed by a wheelstand in competition and an early loss to Momo.
Just as I was getting a handle on the track, I ran into Daniel once again, and repeated my narrow misses at the tree from the bracket race.
Maybe the tree was really brighter then what I'm used to?
Charles beat Vince for the title and also was the only one to run in the .7s - congrats!
Honorable mention goes to Peter for the 4th place.

I brought 2 cars to the race, but as the ESDU decided to only allow one car per racer in this class, made the quick decision to offer my Dodge for rent to the highest bidder... (jk) ... gave it to Daniel and was happy to see him run 69 mph with it.
My freshly built and not quite painted Beretta had run a .805 in testing right before the qualifying without the bottle, so I was confident enough to ask chief starter Ramon whether anyone had run a .7, yet.
His confidence in me wasn't that great, but just moments later the first-ever 0.7 run in Europe was on the scoreboards and in the books - low qualifyer at 0.796. Thanks to all who cheered me on!!!
After a couple of rounds of racing, Edmond and Keith also joined the 0.7-second club, Keith finally setting the record at 0.767.
I lost a close semi-final to Edmond, and finished 3rd, but was happy to have run a very consistent race (no run over 0.796) with good 60-foot times and a barrier-breaking run.
Edmond beat Keith for his second title of the weekend - congrats to both!

The high temperatures made it very tricky to make good runs on a consistent basis, but Keith somehow managed to almost break into the 0.6s with a 0.701.
My normally quicker car, the Vega, was plagued by a wheel that kept coming loose due to an (undetected) stripped thread, and failed to make a meaningful run, while the Willys was a bit inconsistent, but still dangerous at times.
I beat a faster, but slightly too quick-reacting Fred, then a slightly tardy Marc to advance to the semis against Edmond.
This race was slightly controversial, as I protested the first run after getting an, in my opinion, too quick tree due to a miscommunication with the starter.
Thanks to Edmond's honesty and sportsmanship, I got the re-run and won that after a .011 red-light by my opponent, and then won the next on a holeshot.
The Willys was no match for Keith in the finals, though, will try again next time!

The heat was the main opponent here, no sub-0.5 runs in qualifying, but at least some low 0.5s by Keith Grech.
Not much consistency in the race, either, but at least some highlights, like Charles' 0.494 against Vince's 0.481 in rd.1, and then Charles' back-to'back 0.480 and 0.491 at 127 and 124 mph in the next round.
I was burning braids on one car and slowed against Fabio after some promising 60-ft times, and then, after also running in the .4s, blew the motor out of the chassis and destroyed a gear against Charles with the other car.
Everyone else seemed to slow down in the later rounds, and finally Keith beat Vince with Charles in 3rd and 4th place.
Congrats to the winners and record breakers, it was fun racing with you!

I am also looking forward to race on the fastest track in Europe again!!! You built a hell of a drag track for us to run on!


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Hi all, sorry for my late reply but I was abroad for a family holiday which was well deserved after all the time I spent preparing for the race. This year's ESDU edition was one of the best races I've ever been to from all aspects. The race place is an eden full of different tracks and to top it all a very well built/set and powered drag track was the best achievment for this place. Again to have a great racing place it is not possible without having a great owner and crew, a great well done goes to Erich and Peter for organizing and hosting this race, also to top it all up again a very well done really deserved for the great ladies that prepared us good food for helping us keep focused throughout the whole race. Last and not least another well done goes to Ramon and Marc for directing the race with dedication and patience. Another big thanks goes also to all participants and all who helped to solve any problems that arised.. Looking forward to race again on this superb track and a very friendly atmosphere.

Best regards

P.S. A very well deserved well done is to be said to Thomas Trantura who built and set the track.
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