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Hello zxr400er

Good idea as I have to admit that "OTHER STUFF" was originally intended for scratch building projects and perhaps I should have posted my motorbike RTA in a new thread like here?

Anyway it gives me another thread to post in.


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QUOTE (Nick49 @ 2 Oct 2006, 14:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>perhaps I should have posted my motorbike RTA in a new thread like here?
Yes I blame you for me clogging the other thread.

Here is my list (I will text you it as soon as i can if you don't reply)

Windscreen surround with screen
Drivers side part of the standard roll bar
Drivers window
The bar that joins the rollbar to the screen on drivers side funnily enough

Standard steering damper

not to bad eh? Rest was fixed with a big hammer, we don't even need the rollbar to be honest just dan being fussy.

Stripped it down completely tonight and hosed the car out, got some big rust holes to weld up which we will do tomorrow. Harnesses ready to go in.

Also after a full external cage (£850 new!

Also bolting down a locking box in the back to keep Oil, water and brake fluid in (all the stuff we lost the other day) and some basic tools.

Found a sticker I want

Recon I can get them to add "I probally won't either"
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