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Allan Wakefield
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Fly Team02 Coda Lunga, Filipinetti Team cars
race no. 14 & 15, Le-Mans 1970
Drivers Bonnier & Wissel, Parkes & Muller

One of the rarer or at least harder to find at a reasonable cost sets...

I finally got one after over 8 months of searching. it was on German Ebay and is courtesy of Klaus Hoely (Overdrive) after at least 3 different failed attempts and a fair few more by me.

Thanks Klaus !

That about wraps it up for me 'current issue Fly wants' wise and well worth the wait they are too.

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Nice find Swiss.

I too have been eyeing this one for some time.

Fly Classics +
Ferrari ++
Fly 512 CL is a great model +++

My story is one of those of patience of a different kind!

One set of these has been tucked away on the top shelf of a local Toronto shop since its release over a year ago!!!

But @ $199 CDN = 128 Euro (+ 15% tax!!) this was getting to be a pretty penny for two similar looking cars....

That when Fly cars were clicking in around $70 CDN. So I kept passing on the Fillipinetti set adding elsewere to my collection (but always noting the lone box on the top shelf).

Then like magic, along came this shops August 25% off sale!!!! Designed mostly to clear out the overpriced Saleens and recent release Flys that were now $90-$100 CDN REGULAR!

Well up there on the top shlef still was this lonely box of two beautiful Ferrari and at $150 CDN = 96 Euro I had to find a loving home for these!!

They now are quite happy magnets out box tucked away sitting top shelf next to the No 5, 11 & 12 Coda Lungas. They see a decent amount of track time and are very welcome additions here too.

Of note, these and my other Coda Lunga's ran very well out of the box with no axle shimming required, and no need for additional weight. They are nicely balanced and well suited to magnetless running on my Ninco track....

Take care, Ken R
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