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We want to introduce class racing on a regular basis so that we can all enjoy using the varied and exciting range of slot cars available. We will be running each set of classes for 2 months (4 race meetings) however two of the classes will become permanent throughout the year to keep continuity.

These core classes' results will also count towards separate annual club Championships and realising that not everyone will be able to make it to every club evening, the results will be based on a percentage your best of results during the season. Full details of how this will work will be published separately.

Apart from the 2 core classes, 2 other classes will be added to them and raced on each evening. Below is a list of proposed classes and while we appreciate that not everyone will have all of the cars to start with*, by giving notice one has time to plan ahead to make sure you have suitable cars to race.

We can from time to time amend/delete or even add classes to this list but we won't be springing anything on you! Classes like the 1/24th Carrera Classic GT's may not even get off the ground if not enough people obtain cars, but I would really like to see these wonderful cars race as oppose to just sitting on the shelf and we built the track wide enough.

We don't want to be draconian when it comes to class selection but with so many newer improved slot cars available today we really don't want to be messing with older 1960-90's Scalextric products. You can, of course, bring them along on the night we race our anything goes class but don't expect them to do too well against other machinery!

Finally, the question of modified v stock has to be addressed. And for the time being let's keep things simple and try and keep them as close to stock as possible. Most of us are pretty astute when it comes to our hobby and will smell a rat a mile off so expect to get pelters if you cheat! In most classes, the only mods allowed will be freedom of braids and guide and of tyres but not wheels. In the case of the NSR GT3 and Group C cars, any parts from those particular ranges can be fitted however the motor must always be the same as supplied with the standard car. The only exception will be Formula

Libre, when you can use any motor as long as it doesn't draw stupid amps, if it does it, will be your lane that cuts out no one else's!

*During the early meetings, a substitute car will be allowed in the one-make series such as using an old Scalextric Group C car if you don't have a one. You can also use any brand of GT3 car in the NSR class. But again you will need to obtain the correct cars if you want to be competitive, and you will not accrue any points towards the overall Championship.


Core Classes (Raced at every meeting)

NSR GT3 Sports Cars

This is for NSR car eligible to race in any of the worlds GT3 events such as the Blancpain, IMSA, Le Mans and one make series. This will include Aston Martin - Audi R8 LMS - BMW Z4 - Corvette C/6/7R - Porsche GT3).

Eligible Brand NSR - Only Group C

The Group C index ran from the early 1980's up to 1993 and was mirrored in the US by the IMSA GTP series. We have decided to make this a one-make series and only models will be eligible. However, they have a huge range of models to choose from including the iconic Porsche 956/962, Jaguar, Mercedes and the Japanese trio of Mazda/ Nissan/Toyota.

Eligible Brand. - Only


Other Classes (To be rotated and changed after 4 meetings)

Pre 1975 Prototype-Sports Cars

Any Post 1960 sports prototype such as (But not limited to) Ferrari 250LM/P2/P3/P4/312P/512S/512M - Ford GT40 MkI/MkII/MkIV and P68 - Lola T70GT - Porsche 906/907/908/917 Let's also throw this open to the open top Can-Am and Le Mans cars as well, meaning T70 Spyders - McLaren M6/8/20 - Chaparrals - Alfas and Matras etc.

Suggested Brands NSR, ThunderSlot,, Flyslot, Scalextric, SRC, Carrera

Modern LM Prototypes (Closed and Open Roof)

Any Post 1997 LMP1/2 Sports Prototype such as Aston Martin LMP - Audi R8-18 - Ferrari 333Sp - Lola LMP - Reynard/ Dallara/Pescarolo LMP's - Peugeot/Porsche LMP1's.

Suggested Brands NSR, Avant Slot, Ninco, Spirit,, Scalextric

Modern F1

The term applies but not strictly to F1 cars from 2000 onwards. With so many slot manufacturers producing the cars that race in the pinnacle series of real motorsport, you are spoiled for choice! Basically, if it has raced for real someone should have made it, but as the cars look so similar why not consider a re-decoration? Force India anyone?

Suggested Brands Scalextric - Ninco - SCX - Carrera

Classic 1970's F1

With so many nice Classic F1 models available from the likes of Scalextric and Fly etc, it would be a shame not to re-create races from 1970 up to 1979. This will include all versions of the Lotus 72, Brabham BT44, March 701/761, Lotus 78, Ferrari 312, McLaren M23, Williams FW07 etc. The class will also include the late 60's DFV era cars such as the Lotus 49, McLaren M7 Brabham BT26 etc

Suggested Brands Scalextric - Flyslot/Slotwings - Policar

Group 5 Saloons

Another one makes series based around the wild Group 5 cars from the 1970's and 80's from Racer Sideways. These outrageous cars with their wide arches and huge spoilers will be a popular class and feature Ford Capri/Mustang, BMW 320/M1, Lancia Monte Carlo/Stratos, Ferrari 512BB and Porsche 935/K2/77a/78 Moby Dick, awesome!

Eligible Brand Racer Sideways

Classic American Saloons

Ok time for the big bangers! This class is open to all types of any pre-1980 American Saloon car and can include cars that raced in the BTCC, ETCC, Trans Am and NASCAR racing. This means Mustangs Camaros, Barracudas, Cougars, Galaxies, Chargers, Torinos, Road Runners etc. We will even let classic Aussie cars race in this series. Expect a colourful grid when these baby's race!

Suggested Brands Scalextric - Carrera - Revell/Monogram - Pioneer

Euro Saloons

This class is for any racing saloon or Touring Car that is not Group5 or American. So we are talking Current or Historic BTCC, ETCC, JTCC and DTM cars along with anything else that is outside the

excluded two groups of cars. The list would be just too long but I can see the DTM and the new batch of BTCC cars being popular choices.

Suggested Brands Scalextric- Ninco - - SCX - Fly - Carrera

Carrera Classic 1/24th Sports Prototypes

Over the last 10 years, Carrera has been producing some wonderful models of classic sports cars in the larger 1/24th scale. The track was designed with racing this majestic scale in mind and while things will be a little tighter than the smaller models, seeing these beautiful cars racing will be worth the effort. Expect the grid to be filled with Ford GT40's Ferrari 330 P4's/ 512's and Porsche 906/917K's.

Eligible Brand Carrera Classic 1/24th

Formula Libre

A term used in bygone ages for anything goes! So we are looking at heavily modified proprietary cars, scratch built cars, converted plastic kits even old Revell. Monogram and Riko Kits from the 1960's. If you are running a metal chassis car then all we ask is that it has a suitable ride height as we don't want the track pickup tapes damaged and one final stipulation no sponge tires, let's keep them rubber!

Classic Sports Tourers

We are talking Grand Touring cars from the mid 50's to the mid 60's think Goodwood TT. This will include various Ferrari models including the 250swb 250GTO and the Breadvan. Other Italian cars such as the Alfa TZ2 will also suit this class. British cars will be represented by the E-Type Jaguar inc the Lightweights and Aston Martins of the period. American muscle will come in the shape of the AC Cobra the Cobra Coupes and the Corvette Stingray. To add a bit of variety we will except resin bodied cars fitted to proprietary chassis and classic 60's vintage models such as Monogram.

Suggested Brands Scalextric - Flyslot/Slotwings - Carrera - Revell - Pink Kar -Ninco

This list is not tablets of stone but we need a starting point - we, of course, will listen to you the racers, and if you feel that you have an idea of what else to include or indeed what to drop these can be discussed on club nights or by email.
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