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Excel Race Management

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I have a couple Excel files available for free that may help in a pinch if you don't have any other more sophisticated programs that work for your club.

First, is a program that allows you to schedule multiple heats with up to 6 lanes or cars, and up to 30 drivers. It tracks either places or laps and has a few other bells and whistles...


And also, a very simple program to keep track of scores for 60 racing events and 50 drivers (one race a week for a year)...


Just PM me with your email address.
Let's race!

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This is interesting Stan, would they be self populated from, say, Richards PCSlotmouse software, or does the data have to be manually input ?
Key the data in manually, or copy and paste from an Excel output file on another program. These were designed primarily to fill a small need where groups had virtually no scheduling software to work with.

Hi Stan,
Thank you very much for emailing me the excel. It's quite simply BRILLIANT! What a difference it's made to how we race.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Our little club fully relies on your BRILLIANT software. Yes, I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it.

It's brilliant!! You deserve a medal
That is way too kind! Thank you. I get a kick out of those of you who can use it. I've sent off copies to many different parts of the world. And that is quite interesting in itself. Not ultra-sophisticated programming, I admit. But... it's free!

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I think I played around with that prog before. Whilst is was very good, it did not do a couple of things we need. However, it did inspire one of our guys to do a spreadsheet that gives us those things, so it was all good.

The next step is to make a timing prog that can do all this kind of thing to. We love Trackmate from the timing point of view but for race management progs like it are woefully short of the sophistication we need.
I use Trackmate also for timing on my layout. It handles the race timing and organization very well and even schedules the heats for you. We nearly always use the timed round-robin mode for 3-minute heats.

I often get inspired and get ideas by seeing how other folks do their Excel programming. And the very best software program, of course, is one designed for your own specific needs. For example, I'm working on a sheet now for our club that tracks scores plus bonus points for different classes for a racing season, and allows the user to select the number of top scores it tallies, as our racers will be allowed to drop a number of low scores or races missed in the series.

I'm adding another Excel based free sheet for interested racers here in the forum. This one allows you to enter up to 24 races and 4 separate classes. We're using it for a year-long series in our local club. It gives class totals as well as overall totals...

As with the others, just PM me with your email address, and ask for Series Score Excel sheet!

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I now have several spreadsheets made which do the 'EAHORC thing' for six lanes.

You do your races in 3 or 2 sessions, with lane changes that mix up the cars around you, and when you come back very few of the peolple in your group from the time before come back as well.

PM me if interested in these
You could open a Google Docs account and put your files there, be sure to make them shared documents.
So all we need now is DDE from a sensor track to the PC.

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DDE as in Dynamic Data Exchange ?

Easily done
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