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Exciting Development

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Hi guys
Thought you'd like a preview of a new development we are taking foward. We will be producing a limited run of 10 upgraded cars as part of a Tucker RS series. They will bear a Tucker RS badge and each car will have its own numbered signed certificate. Work is in progress but just to give you a taste of whats in store below are pictures of the prototype. Your thoughts and input on the concept are welcomed - we will make an announcement on the details once they are finalised and we expect them to be available in Oct/Nov.


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Thank you for your comments guys. We are interested in all comments as it helps develop our own thoughts.

Please bear in mind we did not envisage these cars being bought by 'slotheads' (e.g. people on this forum). We also felt that if you are racing in a club environment and your class rules allowed all the things we will be doing you would have already done them - they are not aimed at this market.

They are aimed at people who are more used to getting their cars out of the box, racing them and have not tried (either through lack of knowledge, confidence, experience, etc.) to take the car apart and upgrade, tune them. We are only doing limited numbers because of two factors - is there a market (?) and the time it will take Matt Tucker to upgrade the cars (on top of his other commitments). This might make them attractive to collectors but this is not the people we are really aiming these at.

Taking these in to account we felt the slightly wider wheel stance would not be an issue and in fact gives the cars an even more aggressive stance which in our opinion makes these cars more appealing. However based on the comments this is obviously an area we need to review.

The SCX Opel was choosen as a first model purely on looks - its looks superb and extremely aggresive which was just what we were after. However your opinions on which cars would make a good base are really useful.

Once finalised we will post more details on the components, tuning and the extra bits that will be included that, we think will make these extremely attractive and successful.

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1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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