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Exciting Development

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Hi guys
Thought you'd like a preview of a new development we are taking foward. We will be producing a limited run of 10 upgraded cars as part of a Tucker RS series. They will bear a Tucker RS badge and each car will have its own numbered signed certificate. Work is in progress but just to give you a taste of whats in store below are pictures of the prototype. Your thoughts and input on the concept are welcomed - we will make an announcement on the details once they are finalised and we expect them to be available in Oct/Nov.


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GS and I are still developing this product and the package that will go with it so nothing is finalised - esp the exact components and therefore price (the later being the killer issue I think).

Remember that we are aiming this product at people with no or limited knowledge of tinkering and upgrades. With this product we hope to give something a bit different that will not only produce a much better performance both non-mag and mag (although we expect most will run it with a magnet on plastic track) but also give the purchaser the knowledge, direct support and tools to configure it if they wish. Thus we hope to introduce the purchasers in to the world of updrades and tinkering which I think we all agree is a really important part of the hobby.

Again your input esp in to the look and components is really appreciated and should help produce a better product.

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