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Exciting Development

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Hi guys
Thought you'd like a preview of a new development we are taking foward. We will be producing a limited run of 10 upgraded cars as part of a Tucker RS series. They will bear a Tucker RS badge and each car will have its own numbered signed certificate. Work is in progress but just to give you a taste of whats in store below are pictures of the prototype. Your thoughts and input on the concept are welcomed - we will make an announcement on the details once they are finalised and we expect them to be available in Oct/Nov.


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I know it's a propotype, but the smaller 04 wheels would be better on the rear for acceleration and less drag, they also stick out the body. I assume you have fitted overdrive lights?

also, is there any estimate on price?

I'm guessing lightened..
overdrive lights
slotit axle kits turbo motor and some badges

If a custom "race" car is to be made, why develop 10 or however many the same over? SlotTech have it licked! you get the car you want, and they will look at your circuit your driving style and develop a car around it.

lets take a look at the price..

£25 car
£10 motor
£10 slot it axle kit
£6 front axle

so far £51 excluding tuning/time and what ever else might be in there.

LSI, the lights are on but no wheels are spinning, so I am assuming there is a capacitor in there

no offence, but car have to be tuned personally or tuners to be well recognised race winners like SlotTech cars as an example

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Mope, there is no point in posting NO information like that..

I can see the point but if I didnt understand I would either ask on here, or ring Sean who always is right

Havnt spoken to GS so I cant comment hope to change that soon though!

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I think some people need to realise.. even max heads think wheels sticking out are no less than well lets not go there... if their wheels wont go under the arches.. they make em bigger!!

I dont think this area needs to be thought about, ok yes it does, what dremel bits you use and what milliput to use and how to recreate the decals!!!

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