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Exciting Development

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Hi guys
Thought you'd like a preview of a new development we are taking foward. We will be producing a limited run of 10 upgraded cars as part of a Tucker RS series. They will bear a Tucker RS badge and each car will have its own numbered signed certificate. Work is in progress but just to give you a taste of whats in store below are pictures of the prototype. Your thoughts and input on the concept are welcomed - we will make an announcement on the details once they are finalised and we expect them to be available in Oct/Nov.


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For now I'll DIY but it's an interesting concept. The wheels sticking out is also a problem for me but others may not mind. I have a similiar problem using BWA wheels on a Mclaren just because the HRS chassis is so wide and the tires are a bit too large.
I also think it's worth a go. Isn't this what we expected the Scalextric Sport editions to be? Except fot the scale issues I might be willing to pay a premium for permanent working lights pre-installed. I would concentrate on Scalextric though.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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