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Exciting Development

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Hi guys
Thought you'd like a preview of a new development we are taking foward. We will be producing a limited run of 10 upgraded cars as part of a Tucker RS series. They will bear a Tucker RS badge and each car will have its own numbered signed certificate. Work is in progress but just to give you a taste of whats in store below are pictures of the prototype. Your thoughts and input on the concept are welcomed - we will make an announcement on the details once they are finalised and we expect them to be available in Oct/Nov.


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This is a good concept. My youngsters at Phoenix need something like this and it does make sense for a part of the hobby where this is aimed. Most if not all the SF members are clued up but many home racers are not and need help. If you go into a shop then the most advice you will get is "well yes you can have blue or red". What happens in this hobby is that the new home racer gets bored after a while and they need something like this to keep them in the game. I spoke to Luca at SCX about this major gap between high street buying home racers and those that race at clubs or who join in with us guys.GS and guys like Sean at Pendle are good at offering advice and with a test track in situ this is what a section of people need and I think well done GS! I don`t want wide wheels on my cars but then as explained it`s not aimed at me.
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I can see the point but if I didnt understand I would either ask on here, or ring Sean who always is right

Havnt spoken to GS so I cant comment hope to change that soon though!

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"Sweeeeet" car. I am interested. Let me know availability and price...

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I also think it's worth a go. Isn't this what we expected the Scalextric Sport editions to be? Except fot the scale issues I might be willing to pay a premium for permanent working lights pre-installed. I would concentrate on Scalextric though.
After reading all the repliies on this project I personally think the car has an awesome stance and looks damn cool with the tires out from under the flares and if it runs as good as it looks Id buy one. Just a personal observation, not tryin to step on any toes.

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I don't think the lights in that car are permenant ones. I am assuming it the motor is simply disconnected and power applied?

I use this trick to photograph lit cars.

That said, if anyone wants their cars with lights fitted but feels they don't have the skill.. mail me. I have done more than a few of these conversions and there are not many cars I can't do or won't tackle.

This goes for Retail Outlets too, I would be willing to talk about prefitting Overdrive light kits to cars.

Overdrive also offer this service direct on most makes of car.
QUOTE This goes for Retail Outlets too, I would be willing to talk about prefitting Overdrive light kits to cars.

So, using cuckoo clocks as your main timepiece gives you extra hours in the day? How do you do it?

Say, you a non sleeping vampire or some such?

Complete aside, I see Fly are planning a 908 that carried Toblerone sponsorship.
I think some people need to realise.. even max heads think wheels sticking out are no less than well lets not go there... if their wheels wont go under the arches.. they make em bigger!!

I dont think this area needs to be thought about, ok yes it does, what dremel bits you use and what milliput to use and how to recreate the decals!!!

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