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experiences of ninco track?

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firstly, apologise for My non attendance for quite some time, new job, new baby = no time, in little time I've had I've still had time to 'play' with my track, sadly I m still experiencing tremendous connectvity problems, my track is coppertaped scalextric sport, and in my garage, although the tape has helped I m still not 100% happy with it, in fact I m far from happy with, so I wanted to ask you club guys if you have a ninco track at home? is it really as superior as everyone says? I like the idea that its wider, also, hornby make 'toys' so I figure ninco being slot car dedicated should naturally make it better? I m considering the 'master track' set (£150 from bournemouth railway shop) anyone got this? also has anyone else got an 'outside' (shed or garage) track, any advise on keeping it clean and maintaining connectvity would be greatfully received!

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hi phill i not long bought a master set and to be honest it was the best £150 i ve ever spent the track is amazin so much grip im more in to my rallying so i ve got the ninco rally loops im track (non of this round and round lot for me ) My lay out is stored out side in a shed i have zero problems with connectivity unlike my old scaley sport which was start stop stop all the time ...and now ninco have bought out there N scorer lap counter you be a fool not to buy ninco ....

Regards Dan
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Hello Phill- I feel the same as the duck. Get yourself a ninco setup and be done with it. I have a ninco digital and I really love it.

Keep on slotting pappa. Joel
if you have a scaley sports track WITH copperfoil and still have a conductivity problem you are likely to end up with the same problem when you purchase a Ninco track.

Here at the local Ninco track (30m /4 lane) we experienced the same "connectivity" problems that you say you are having with the scaley track, regardless of Ninco's big propaganda stunt boasting the conductivity of their track. Ninco track is exactly as good -or bad as any other track.
It is important to keep the individual track connections clean and the track has to be laid down properly without warping ,twisting and bending of track sections.
Furthermore it really pays to have jumperleads ever so often, after all, Ninco IS SELLING them too.

As far as grip is concerned I can only say: "Nobody should believe that grip gets better, the rougher the surface of the track is."
If this would be the case, F1 races would be raced on racetracks with surfaces made from very sharp 2 inch stone chips....................

I now race exclusively magnetfree on a wodden track that has a virtual "mirror - finish" and grip is excellent.

To finish : I used to have a scalex sports track and never had a problem with lack of power or lack of grip but the secret of good grip on the scaley track was cleanlyness. Because the ninco track has such a course surface it is my humble oppinion (yeah right) that it is very forgiving when it comes to dirt. Dirt and dust simply will seddle at the bottom of the crevasses.

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QUOTE Furthermore it really pays to have jumperleads ever so often, after all, Ninco IS SELLING them too.

I haven't seen any jumperleads from Ninco. What's the part number?

Best regards,
thanks for the info so far guys, very helpful, I m starting to sway toward ninco, I think I ve learnt some valuable lessons off my scalextric track, but ninco seems to be the way forward, although the temptation to go routed is also a possibility

One vote for NINCO. I have hired my NINCO track to several commercial and non-commercial events and NINCO is simply zero-problem set up and go! Electrical connections have worked flawlessy every time. It is also easier to assemble and disassemble than other brands (Carrera/Scalextric).

As comparison I have followed how a friend of mine organized events with Scalextric Sport. With Sport you had dead-spots whenever you got the track assembled.


Don't know where Grego's track came from - it must be a replica made in a third world country or something.

I have one track permanently out in my loft suffering vast changes in temperature and I never have a problem. My other track is boxed up and I get it out from time to time for the kids and the local school. Again no problems with this - just clip together and I'm racing!

Some people don't like the higher grip levels, but then again I hate the low grip of Scaly Sports!

If you are going to experiences big changes in temperature, then don't pin the track down (you shouldn't need to with Ninco anyhow. The track in my loft gains about 3 inches in area during the summer

If you choose to go with Ninco, I doubt you'll be dissapointed.


NB: Is there not a club near where you live that uses Ninco so that you can go along and and get a "feel" for what's in store?
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I have NINCO love it, its in my loft, it gets dusty and if I dont use it gets surface corrosion.

Hi Clarkey

That's strange - I think my circuit has been in the loft for over 5 years... and not one spot of rust/corrosion.
I NEVER use anything abrasive to clean it, just a rag and petrol (lighter fluid), and if I haven't been up there for a few weeks I go over it with a vacuum cleaner because of dust. Even the stuff stored in boxes looks good.

check w/ your favorite woodworking shop for Empire Mfg Top Saver. this will safely remove rust & lay down a sealing coat of rust inhibitor & dry non-silicone lubricant.
check it out
Scaley & Ninco use plated steel which can corrode, Carrera uses stainless. Ninco rails are thicker & have a more positive electrical connection; conductivity w/ Ninco is excellent.
When we planned our track at oxford we laid out the ninco track on the floor using the lugs on the track with no jumper leads. I cannot remember the length of the track but is it about 30-40meters????
We ran this with a standard ninco power supply and experienced no loss in power with no circuit taps.
On top of that the slot is insulated with two pastic strips so it makes it harder for dropped screws etc to short out the track.
All in all its a damn fine track far superior to Scalex Sport.

Our track is kept in an ungheated cupboard and experiences extremes of temperature and has proved almost faultless in the time it has been down.

The extra grip takes some getting used to. I really wished i had used Ninco track on my loft track and not gone down the Sport route.
thanks so much guys! I m scrapping the scalex track and picking up the ninco friday! good times!
My 4-lane, 55' Ninco track has been in my basement for over 5 years and I have had no problems with it at all. No warping and only the slightest bit of oxidation which is easily removed with a rubber eraser. I run a dehumidifier in the basement during the more humid summer months as a precaution and for my own comfort. The oxidation is so light that I haven't even bothered to remove it from anywhere on the track other than the front straight. (My track is up against three surrounding walls and I'd have to climb on top of it to reach the more distant sections of track). No need for any electrical jumpers either, though I do run a standard Ninco 14.8v power pack individually to each lane to avoid power surges when cars de-slot.

The surface is grippier than Scaley. Some guys prefer the grippier surface and some don't.

The lane width is also a bit wider. I'm able to run my 1/24 cars on it though they prefer more voltage.

You won't be disappointed with the Ninco track.

just picked my new track! just gotta demolish the old one and build up the ninco one now!
ok, track is built and so far I m impressed, the track material is very sturdy, not flimsy like scalextric sport, width is good too, the way it clicks together is 'satisying' too, it feels like it goes together well, making a good connection. the cars I ve tried so far go round well, the grip is going to take getting used to, although I can still drift with non mag cars so that's satisfying! so far, I m very happy, just got to find some who wants A LOT of scalextric sport track now! going cheap! pm me for more info!
Rubberduck, your ninco mastertrack, what size is your track set up on. table I mean.
regrds jeff.
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