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When we planned our track at oxford we laid out the ninco track on the floor using the lugs on the track with no jumper leads. I cannot remember the length of the track but is it about 30-40meters????
We ran this with a standard ninco power supply and experienced no loss in power with no circuit taps.
On top of that the slot is insulated with two pastic strips so it makes it harder for dropped screws etc to short out the track.
All in all its a damn fine track far superior to Scalex Sport.

Our track is kept in an ungheated cupboard and experiences extremes of temperature and has proved almost faultless in the time it has been down.

The extra grip takes some getting used to. I really wished i had used Ninco track on my loft track and not gone down the Sport route.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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