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if you have a scaley sports track WITH copperfoil and still have a conductivity problem you are likely to end up with the same problem when you purchase a Ninco track.

Here at the local Ninco track (30m /4 lane) we experienced the same "connectivity" problems that you say you are having with the scaley track, regardless of Ninco's big propaganda stunt boasting the conductivity of their track. Ninco track is exactly as good -or bad as any other track.
It is important to keep the individual track connections clean and the track has to be laid down properly without warping ,twisting and bending of track sections.
Furthermore it really pays to have jumperleads ever so often, after all, Ninco IS SELLING them too.

As far as grip is concerned I can only say: "Nobody should believe that grip gets better, the rougher the surface of the track is."
If this would be the case, F1 races would be raced on racetracks with surfaces made from very sharp 2 inch stone chips....................

I now race exclusively magnetfree on a wodden track that has a virtual "mirror - finish" and grip is excellent.

To finish : I used to have a scalex sports track and never had a problem with lack of power or lack of grip but the secret of good grip on the scaley track was cleanlyness. Because the ninco track has such a course surface it is my humble oppinion (yeah right) that it is very forgiving when it comes to dirt. Dirt and dust simply will seddle at the bottom of the crevasses.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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