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My girlfriend surprised me on Christmas Day by giving me the Scalextric Start World Rally set. It really was a surprise as I was not expecting it at all, and I am genuinely really getting into the whole Slot Car world.

I've subsequently spent what seems like days (and probably is!) looking at the best way to extend my set. I've already been to my local model shop and purchased the Start extension track and also the Start lap counter extension pack so the tracks I can make are a bit longer, but I still need to add a bit more excitment into my tracks as at the moment it is very easy to continually lap with constant trigger pressure.

Given that I have a Start pack I know that in order to use Sport track I will then need to buy at least one of the conversion packs and I have no problem with that but I'm really unsure at the moment the best way to go with track layout, and have a couple of questions. Please bear in mind I have limited space and also my track will need to be able to be quickly taken up as I cannot have it down all of the time.

i. I know that the Start curve has a unique radius so how am I best designing other radius curves into my layout? Is there a way to get the same radius curve as the Start one by combining different radius Sport curves?

ii. Given that in order to inject some excitment into my track and probably need more corners, I have noticed that Modelzone have the Drift Kings set for £50 at the moment, if I get that would it actually add anything to my set up?

iii. Is it worth getting one of the official Sport extension packs? I presume I would also need to get some Sport curves in order to build these into my circuit?

Hope this isn't too many questions, I am just keen to get a track layout which is compact but still challenging enough to provide some longer term fun.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there, in response to your questions.

1. I believe all radius curves are the same throughout the Scaley classic, sport and start range, so R1, R2, R3 and R4 will sit side by side.
2. I would personally use that auction site to buy other types of radius corners such as R1, R3 and R4 to add variety and excitement to your layout. I'm assuming you already have 12 R2 bends?
3. As with 2. Use that auction site, if you can find something locally and safe on postage it is always a bonus.

If you race non mag I would highly recommend getting the borders too to keep the cars flat on the oluter track when the rears are sliding as it help prevent a deslot. What space have you got to work with? There are a few design programmes out there that may help you decide on layouts etc such as the scaley one (

What ever you do have fun with it and dont spend too much on cars


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It could be that buying another set comes as a cheap solution for your first extension. Add up the price of the individual track pieces and the two cars you get in a set. Don't forget to look at Scaleys 'big sale' department on their website. 70 or 75 £ for 4 or 5 meters of usable track (discard the flat coss-over unless you have cars you're really tired of) with two "test"-cars (=gentle name for the super-resistant-no-detail things).As a second step it will be the chase for some individual items to complete the circuit you desire.
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