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F-Libra - 26th October 2018

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Friday 26/10/18 libra results -

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Race report :-

It was a good turnout for F/libre with 10 to do battle. In the "C" final was Rich, Fi and Sue and surprisingly it was Fi who took the early lead followed by Sue and a struggling Rich, Fi had an off and Sue passed her by going underneath her car and at the end of the 1st segment it was Sue, Fi and Rich, Rich had his tyres cleaned and then chased and passed Fi and that's how it finished with Sue a massive 14 laps in the lead. In the "B" final it was Ralph, Sandy and Steve, both Sandy and Ralph came out of the start together and battled for the lead until Ralph (alias Dick Dasterdly) knocked his beautiful blonde haired little daughter off to get the lead (boo his etc etc ) a lead he kept until the end with a time that would not be beaten. Sandy was in a comfortable second place until her car started to faulter and she had to retire 30 seconds from the end as the gear had chewed through the pinion allowing Steve into second place.The "A" final was a corker with the closest finish to a race seen in many a year. In the "A" final was Brian Dave Robbie and Greg, Brian went into the lead out of the gate leaving the other three to get tangled up he carried on pulling away but Robbie got his act together and started to catch Brian while Dave unusually was struggling saying his tyres were covered in brass filings (i don't know where they get the excuses from), it took Robbie until 30 seconds to go in the 4th segment to catch Brian and they diced for lap after lap until Robbie came off (it wasn't me honest guv) and at 10 seconds to go he caught him again and again they diced until the power went off with Brian taking the win by 1/2 a car length, Robbie was second, Greg third and Dave fourth. Driver of the night goes to Ralph showing there's still life in the old dog yet and the top three were Ralph, Brian and Robbie.

See you all soon

Sandy x


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