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QUOTE (speedyroadster @ 28 May 2012, 19:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sunday's race was pretty boring (and I'm an F1 fan) but it still beats an evening of Eastender and Corrie!!

Definately, and the Kardashians etc that my GF seems to watch!

I have been watching F1 for 20 ish years, and certainly avidly since the late nineties. I like watching it even now when its like it is just `because its motorport`, but don`t enjoy it as much.
I like the Kerrs (bit like the oldskool `overtake boost button` and to a certain extent the DRS, but the Tyres are doing my swede in. I was always a big Mansell fan. Someone who would have an ok-ish car but drive the wheels off it. (with the exception of `92 obviously) I like Hamilton now for the same reason. But these new compounds they are using just dont allow the guys out there to drive like they can. Even Button who is supposed to be the best at preserving his tyres, drives so gently, he can`t get them switched on. (plus if i had a pound everytime he moaned about balance, i`d not need to work...) so i guess car set-up is harder now too....

Not really a fan.... Never considered it could be a `show`. Interesting theory.
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