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F1 - A general conversation

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With all the subject matter being raised in the various F1 topics on here I thought I would start a general topic for any this not related to a particular race.

I came across this a few days ago

The 1965 Dutch GP.

And it just goes to show that some things haven't really changed. This race was just about halfway through the season and Clark is already just about confirmed as champion and the gaps between the leading cars at the end? Raymond Baxter calls this a close and exciting race, wonder what he would make of current F1 races?

This was Jim Clark's 5th win out of six races, he also won the next race in Germany. The only one of the first six races he didn't win he didn't take part in, Monaco, which was won by Graham Hill in a BRM who won the next two races after Germany with Jackie Stewart and the Hill again. Honda broke the mould with their first win in the final race in Mexico with Richie Ginter.

Championship :-

1st Jim Clark 54 Points (all his 6 points scores were wins and all counted, best 6 finishes only counted)

2nd Graham Hill 40 points

3rd Jackie Stewart 33 points

4th Dan Gurney 25 points

5th John Surtees 17 points

6th Lorenzo Bandini 13 points

7th Richie Ginther 11 points

8th Mike Spence & Bruce McLaren 10 points

another seven drivers scored points and after that another 24 drives competed in at lease one of the ten races that year.

That's 40 drivers competing in total and another 11 who attempted to qualify.

The Constructors championship was ( only the 1st placed car in each team counted)

1st Team Lotus - Lotus-Climax 54 points (Jim Clark, Mike Spence and two other drivers )

2nd Owen Racing Organisation - BRM 45 points (Graham Hill & Jackie Stewart)

3rd Brabham Racing Organisation - Brabham-Climax 27 points (Jack Brabham, Dan Gurney, Denny Hulme and 1 other driver)

4th Ferrari - Ferrari 26 points (Lorenzo Bandini, John Surtess (8 races), Pedro Rodriguez (2 races) and 3 other drivers)

5th Cooper Car Comapny - Cooper_Climax 14 points (Bruce McLaren and Jochen Rindt)

6th Honda R & D Company - Honda 11 points (Ronnie Bucknum & Richie Ginther)

7th RRC Walker Racing Team - Brabham-BRM 5 points (Jo Siffert also Jo Bonnier in a Brabham - Climax)

8th Reg Parnell Racing - Lotus--BRM 2 points Richard Attwood, Innes Ireland, Mike hailwood, Chris Amon and 2 other drivers)

with 3 other teams racing and another 3 teams that did not qualify for any races.
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And just when you thought you'd seen it all

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle


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Funny you should say that, as I withdrew myself from a couple of F1 Facebook groups because of the anger and vitriol exhibited by too many folk
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Johnny Dumfries has died at the age of 62.
Thats terrible news.

Thoughts with those who loved him.
How they stand after 15 mins

  1. Verstappen (Red Bull) 1:32.591 current tyres softs
  2. Bottas (Mercedes) +0.118 softs
  3. Perez (Red Bull) +0.175 softs
  4. Hamilton (Mercedes) +0.253 softs
  5. Norris (McLaren) +0.770 hards

Norris's time is interesting . . .
Hmm - going to control myself, but still looking good for Lando . . .
Hmm - going to control myself, but still looking good for Lando . . .
Is there an echo in here?!?
Quite right - those who prefer it can start a Moto GP thread and leave those who enjoy F1 to discuss it here - simples.
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How the hell can they change rules half way through the race?!?!


Ruined a brilliant race.
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Me too - Hamilton had benefitted throughout the race by running wide at the same turn, in line with the pre-race instruction that it was OK . . .
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Bring back gravel traps - if you go off, you stay off . . .
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Or they could all sit safely off-track in simulators . . .
That may have been true early on but the second half of last season he grew on me, OK he's a rich daddy's son and drives for Dad...but he's pretty handy in that car. He wasn't a match for his team-mate but he finished closer than either Lewis or Max's team-mates.
Indeed - I have to admit that he surprised me in that respect.

I think I commented before that I gave up with several on-line F1 groups because of the rudeness, hostility and vileness of opinion displayed.

Quite worrying, really.

It is not always directed at Hamilton and, even when it is, not always racist.

There just seems to be a growing intolerance of other folk holding a different opinion.
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I very much doubt it in this case.
Friday practice is also starting an hour earlier.

Looking like some close racing's ahead this weekend.

  1. Bottas (Mercedes, 1:16.564)
  2. Hamilton (Mercedes, +0.041)
  3. Verstappen (Red Bull, +0.058)
  4. Leclerc (Ferrari, +0.232)
  5. Gasly (Alpha Tauri, +0.324)
  6. Sainz (Ferrari, +0.324)
  7. Alonso (Alpine, +0.893)
  8. Stroll (Aston Martin, +0.925)
  9. Latifi (Williams, +1.175)
  10. Ricciardo (McLaren, +1.205)
Top nine within a second of one another - Verstappen broke a drive-shaft by the sound of it . . .

  1. Bottas (Mercedes, 1:15.551)
  2. Hamilton (Mercedes, +0.010)
  3. Gasly (Alpha Tauri, +0.078)
  4. Sainz (Ferrari, +0.283)
  5. Leclerc (Ferrari, +0.82)
  6. Perez (Red Bull, +0.86)
  7. Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri, +0.868)
  8. Norris (McLaren, +0.934)
  9. Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo, +0.962)
  10. Stroll (Aston Martin, +1.186)

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