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F1 Cars of all teams-just repaints/decals?

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As a collector and builder of 200+ F1 cars and early Grand Prix cars,
I have re-painted, decaled and modified several.

Looking for comparisons?

Example: 2012 Marussia F1 car from 2/3 years ago-just a repaint/decal?

I have repainted Arrows F1s for early BAR-Honda,

Mclaren=Force India?

Different years of course!

Your thoughts,

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Sorry guys, Jaak was correct above.

In modeling F1 slot cars that the no manufactuer makes, you
would start with something that looks close, change some of the
details and paint and decal.

I am looking for some ideas for F1 cars, I just used a older SCX
Arrows, repainted and decaled it into an early 2001 BAR.


I am thinking of doing a Force-India car, have not do one,

which one should I do? What car to start with as basis?

Thanks Jurgen!

Thats what I was looking for.

What about 92 Footwork FA13,
and a Virgin or Marussia car?

1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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