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F1 D3

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Hi All
Left it a bit late but its D3 f1's this Wednesday night, all members are welcome to join in the fun!
Doors open at 7.30pm till late.
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Hi All
Its D3 F1 again this Wednesday night, DOORS OPEN
at 7.30pm till before last orders.
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A pleasant and relaxed evening of F1 racing on an extremely grippy track, at least on the 1:32 racing lines.
We were joined once again by Howmet - CEO of the Bodies For Beer Corp. In the old saying 'some people bring happiness when they enter a room - some people bring happiness when they leave it', Howmet is definitely one of the former.

F1 racing is often enlivened by the occasional airborne car and last Wednesday was no exception.
Mine was the first, but not the last ...
The 'win from any final' format was borrowed from Timaru this time around and the time saved from doing this meant that the finals were run for 5 minutes instead of the usual 3. My own final was a tense affair with John Secchi relentlessly chasing me down after a couple of early offs so, for a certain period, I wasn't sure that the race might have benefited from being shorter.
Did anyone say "pressure"?

The final results:
P1: 57.58 laps - Steve Kempson (Q2: 65.81 laps)
P2: 57.56 laps - John Secchi (Q1: 67.96 laps)
P3: 50.13 laps - John Dilworth (Q3: 58.59 laps)
P4: 47.63 laps - Allan Feldman (Q6: 54.22 laps)
P5: 46.12 laps - Cliff Bicknell (Q4: 57.25 laps)
P6: 42.67 laps - John Crocker (Q5: 54.95 laps)

Thanks to all that attended.
F32s next time around.
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Hi All
It's back to D3 F1 this Wednesday night, doors open at 7.30pm till just before the bitter stops flowing!
A sweet night's racing! Seems all the better after an enforced couple weeks off. Congratulations Steve Lowrider, this week's Finchley World Champion. I hope it's my turn before John Croker runs out of jokes....

Thanks everyone, over & out.
Glad you had a good time John, looks like this weeks D3 F1 World Champion will be a hard act to follow!
Congrats also to the D3 F1 World vice Champion Mr Musto and vice vice Champion Mr Francis.
Looking forward to the next Worlds at NL in two weeks time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I couldn't have done it without my sponsors and the great team of people behind me. A few yards behind me!

I think Steve F was second, John. He was steadily closing the gap behind me while I was cruising behind Chris who was almost a lap behind me. If there had been more time on the clock I would have 'ad a word with Chris and given him a verbal blue flag (ha!) but it wasn't necessary in the end.
Who was that cursing bloke who ended up in fourth?

Sorry, got me vices wrong.

Was being lapped so often that by all of you that i lost count of who finished in what position!

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Dont worry John you cant have too many vices. A good turnout for last nights bash. Mr Secchi returned from his trip to Italy, winning the vintage race over there with his Dynamic P3 which probably goes some way to explain why his D3 car was in need of some TLC. Low was favourite for the win with his rapid car and he kindly lent me his very quick spare as mine tripped over our resident battleship expert on the first lap of the first qualifier and ended up on the floor, bent. Our very own Howmet returned to do battle with a very neat and smooth car getting quicker as the night wore on. Chris Musto was also flying and i only just beat him to the A final by 9 parts in qualifying.
here are the results from the U.K. judges:

1. steve kempson 34.43
2. steve francis 34.25
3. chris musto 33.45
4. john secchi 30.66
5. john dilworth 31
6. john crocker 27
7. allan feldman 26

hard bodies in two weeks(get pumping)
1.5 F1 and pre 64 sports

cheers steve
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Hi All
It's D3 F1's at NLondon this Wednesday night, hope to see a good turn out.
Doors open at 7.30pm till just before chuck out time!
Good to be back and racing again, and a privilege to compete with the Living Legend that is Bob Hallums. And I'm not too sorry about nerfing him out of the final. From now on, I'm Mr Ruthless.

And 'The Usual Suspects' dealt with the other 'Bobbies' with Tarantino-like coolness at closing time...

See y'all in a fortnight.
Hi Partner

Heard some classic lines last night:

Plod "How old are you sir?"

JD " I don't know, let me think!"............. now that's cool!

I was trying my best to sound sober. It worked, didn't it?

A bit disconcerting being asked your age by a lad of about 12, especially when he's dressed in blue.
I'm so glad I went home early before the riot started.
Youse guys are just trouble on a stick!

I like Mr Ruthless though. Classic confrontations with Chopper in the offing.

Stand well clear,
obviously quite a night, what did i miss, come on, spill the beans what happened?
We could tell you Steve, but then we'd have to kill you. Sorry.

Mr Ruthless.
Hi All
Thought I would post the results from last Wednesday night racing, what with all the fuss about the bust I damn near forgot!

1st......... JSecchi 33laps
2nd........SKempson 32.16laps
3rd.........CMusto 32.13laps

It was good to see Bob looking well, hope to see more of him on our club nights.
Its 1/32 CSCRA front engined Gp cars and Pre72 Sports next club night.

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