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Hello everyone,

Been obsessed since I got my Scalextric out the other month, dreading packing it up soon!

So I have bought F1 cars, the McLaren and Williams, think it's David and Ralf S?

I am having issues with the guide, the spring seems to not be doing its job therefore the guide does not recenter and therefore becomes loose thus making the cars unstable on the corners!

I have opened both cars many times, reseted the spring with the front wheels and nose cone sitting on top of the spring to hold it in place to the guide. All is okay when I fix them into place but as soon as they are on the track and on a corner it all goes wrong and the spring becomes loose!

Item code is C8283, even bought another pack to try but still same issue! Am I doing something wrong or are they some tips that can be shared?


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In my experience with springs on the guide blades (scalextric or Carrera),the 1st thing I do is remove them as I find they normally cause more trouble than they solve. I find the motor wires tend to the centre the guide in the event of an off.
Try your cars without them and see if it helps the car behaviour, the spring can impede the free movement of the guide once it slips out of place.
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