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We - the one who should be obeyed and I - went there this year as part of our honeymoon in Italy. In short. It's freekin AWESOME.

We sat at the first chicane (Variante del Rettifilo). What was great about sitting there was:

1) You have a big screen right in front of you to follow the rest of race once the cars have passed you.
2) If you want to take some photographs the cars are slow enough there to take some decent shots....that is if you're not a amateur like me.
3) All the accidents happened there or were caused there...ask Mark Webber...Nico Rosberg....Vitaly Petrov and Liuzzi.
4) There is gate close by to invade the track after the race! Great stuff!

The only bad thing about sitting there was if it rains you will be wet as the grandstand is not covered. Lucky for us, it was HOT with no rain.

Parking it seems was dependant on what kind of ticket you bought. If you had some kind of VIP ticket you parked at the track and I guess for free. If you're a mere mortal like we were then you parked well away from the track (the track is in a National Forest Park so no parking inside the Park) paid between 15 and 20 Euro per day. This fee included the return shuttle bus service that ran between the well marked parking areas and the track. Once you reach the drop off be prepared to walk at least a mile to get to the track. It's a nice walk. Your in a park, everyone is happy and the smell of wood burning fires fills the air....and you walk under the original banked track. Great stuff!

It was hot. One other tip I have is buy your drinking water at a super market. At the track everything is SUPER expensive = 500ml bottle of water 2 Euro's. 6 x 2l bottled water at super market 2 Euro's. It's also a good idea to take your own sarnies as well. Make some from the local cheeses and ample local ham etc.

Also, you can sit wherever you want on the Friday. On the Saturday and Sunday you HAVE to sit at your allocated space. So on the Friday, we sat at the Parabolica and the Varianti Ascari both excellent places to view because of the challenging track.

There were also a lot of roadworks and changes so the GPS had a bit of a hard time...but we drove there and back 6 different ways and enjoyed all the scenery.

Errr...think that is about it....I still get goosebumps when I think about the first time I heard that Ferrari of Massa coming down the straight after Ascari......I will never forget it.

Oh-oh!! EARPLUGS!! Biggest investment ever.

Enjoy it!!

Some pics from the day:

Webber crash site...
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