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Chaps & Ladies,

I have come to the conclusion that I will never find (Scalextric Ferrari F1) replacement front and rear wings for my splendid (C2860) Scalextric F1 Ferrari - No.6 Raikkonen

So, the question is... can those of you with extensive F1 car collections possibly point me in the direction of some front/rear wings which would fit this car, ideally from an F1 chassis that isn't a Ferrari (as the spares for Ferraris are no longer available from Scalextric). Given that a lot of the F1 cars/chassis seem very similar, to an inexperienced newbie like me, I'm sure that some front and rear wings must be similar looking and interchangeable - maybe with a bit of modding - and a quick repaint

I appreciate that the purists in the forum are going to throw their hands in the air, and declare that I am some sort of heretic... but it bugs me to see the Ferrari sat in the "box 'o spares" when it should be out racing

Thanks in advance for your help,
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