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Hi Luke,

the best slot layouts tend not to mimic real circuits exactly, but to take elements of the circuit or circuits, and then make them work better for slot racing.

If the link you gave shows your exact layout, what I would do next would be to get hold of some different corner pieces, and sprinkle them around the track. You have (looks like, anyway) mostly R2 corners, which is what comes standard in sets.

Throw a couple of R1 corners into the track and you get a circuit that is more challenging, and fun, to drive - a corner that right now is four Radius 2 pieces in a row changes completely if it's R2-R1-R1-R2, or R2-R1-R2-R1, and starts feeling like the F1 corners with multiple apexes (like the one that scuppered Vettel in wet practice!).

Here's what I'd do, as cheaply as possible.
Download Ultimate Racer 3 - free track designer, and much better than the Scalextric version.
Create your layout as it is now, and then try tweaking it a bit with some R1 bends, or throw in some R3 and R4 pieces. The R1 pieces are more likely to fit your requirement for tight space though. During this process you'll probably find yourself needing some half straights or quarter straights to make it fit together right.
Have a look at Ebay, perhaps, although I've never bought track pieces from it so I can't give any advice there.

I'd say three or four packs of track could change the character of your layout for the better without a huge expense.
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