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QUOTE (abbo @ 18 May 2011, 23:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I used to do this quite a lot too, but soon came to the conclusion that real race circuits don't make good slot car tracks.
Thinking about it full size race circuits usually have lots of space in the middle which just isn't needed for a slot car track. It's very rare for slot racers have a big enough track room to be that generous with unused space.
Things like the need for drivers stood at one side of the track to see the cars all the way round just don't apply in full size race circuits. Marshalling access and marshals blocking the driver's view need thought on a slot car track but its quite different on full size race circuits.

The best slot designs work well because their designers have learned from the good points of other slot tracks, not from trying to mimic full size race circuit.
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