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F32 at NorLon

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Hi All
Its the first round of F32 next Wednesday night, for them who do not have one yet bring along you hard bodied 1/32 cars and we will have seperate heats for you.
Doors open at 7.30pm till we get down the pub.
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I've got a spare F32 car if any one needs one
Hi I will be there if I can take up your offer Phil of your spare car please see you there thanks.
Anyone interested in catching a rare glimpse of the SunChaser Thingies before they migrate westwards for the Spring should visit NorLon on Wednesday.
The herd is on the move again ...

Hi Lowrider,

I think you asked who makes that Ferrari 312P body.
It is a CAT mould (from Trevor Crout, who did the GT Models moulds), available from (Brian Saunders).

André Acker.
I will be coming up but unfortunately I am having trouble getting the pinion off my motor. My pinion pullers will not fit. I was going to get a 9 tooth pinion from Andy but until I can measure the shaft of the B can I do not know if it will fit. He says he has this 9 tooth pinion fitting a 2mm shaft. Does a B can have that size shaft?
Regards Allan
Use a soldering iron to heat up the pinion if you want to remove it.
2mm pinion should fit the armature shaft in the "B" can.
Any chance of a liberal amount of photos of this historic occasion, please, and of the thingies too!!
Well since you asked so nicely, Rob ...
Happy to oblige.

Thanks for giving the source of the Ferrari body, Andre. I'll have to see what else is available.

My last communication with Lord Velcro, had him still in too much back pain to consider joining us tonight.
Get well soon, John.

I have another spare car if anyone needs one.

CAT has also a very beautiful Porsche 917/30 (CanAm car from 1973).


André Acker.
I am also sorry for not making it to the club tonight for the first f32 race, working late then got home to find my useless pile of s**** of a pc has died. spent 2 hours hitting it to no avail, so you wont see me on here very often for the forseeable future, managed to borrow a lap top for 5 minutes thats how i posted this but got to give it back now, steve
Here are the results from the first F32 night,

A disappointing turn out as I felt from the interest shown earlier that this would be popular.
Only three people had finished cars and Steve's was way ahead of the rest!
C'mon lads you've had six months to prepare for this

Steve, if you need any computer parts or even a complete one I have loads of stuff here, at least three good working computers, they'll only go up the tip one day!
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Sorry, I was (am) in rainy Cornwall. I will have a go next time!
Sorry chaps- still deeply committed to F32, but out of action due to oldmanitis. I'll get back soon. Missing you all.
Especially for Rob.
F32 hits NorLon for the first time, or was it the other way around?

Phil's loaner, as driven by Cas.

John Secchi's beautiful McLaren.

My heavily trailed Ferrari 312PB. I still have no idea who Larry Ward is. Any clues?

Phil's main race car.

Phil's other loaner as briefly driven by Iffy Cliffy.

Pink spur gear was quickly turned into a plain wheel. Are you sure those gears were the same pitch, Phil?
Nah, he wouldn't make a newbie's mistake like that ...

Chopper's car with freshly soldered pinion c/o Mr Secchi.

As you might expect, I had a good time last Wednesday although I'm expecting my usual thrashing by JS the next time these cars are run.
The F32 cars are fun to drive and, for vintage pieces, seem very inexpensive to buy and assemble. I, for one, had never heard of F32 before this NL class was put forward about six months ago. I'd estimate that there's about £40 invested in my Ferrari which must be fairly comparable with the current cost of a Fly or RTR car.
I'm hoping a few more racers will come on board as the season progresses.

Get better soon, How. We're all missing you too.
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QUOTE Pink spur gear was quickly turned into a plain wheel. Are you sure those gears were the same pitch, Phil?
Nah, he wouldn't make a newbie's mistake like that ...

That's how it came, I just put a fresh set of tyres and braids on this one.
I'll give all three a good work over before the next race, so they should go a little better.
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6 cars and only 2 Betta bodies !
These Lola t280 and March 717 are rare, they seem to be by GT Models !
I had never seen a 1/32 March 717 before !

Is it possible to try to make new moulds ?
Would Howmet do this for us ?

Best regards !

André Acker.
Thanks for the pics - what a marvellous collection of old junk! My F32 purchase of a March 73S was painted grey on the inside and tippex (snopake) on the outside so would have fitted right in!
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