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F32 at NorLon

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Hi All
Its the first round of F32 next Wednesday night, for them who do not have one yet bring along you hard bodied 1/32 cars and we will have seperate heats for you.
Doors open at 7.30pm till we get down the pub.
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I`ll be t............ no i wont say it cos whenever i do.... etc etc
Hi All
It's F32 next Wednesday night and according to the calendar it's also the second of three scheduled track cleaning sessions for this year, shouldn't take too long if everybody lends a hand.
We are having a 1/32 retro meet on Sunday 30th September at the club, details in the "events" section.
Been told we have a visitor from across the pond this Wednesday, lets be on our best please.
Doors open without fail at 7.30pm till late.
I'll be there again. Can't get enough of those brain-melting cleaning fumes!

Our guest, all things being equal, is going to be Dennis 'gascarnut' Sampson - one of the original architects of Retro racing.
From a distance of a few thousand miles and working only from photo reference, Dennis has built this beautiful Chaparral in order to join in our F32 fun.

Dennis gave me permission to post these photos here and on Facebook where they've been up for a week and have elicited a great deal of well deserved praise.
It could be a great night at North London next Wednesday.

See you there.

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QUOTE (JOHN SECCHI @ 11 Aug 2012, 11:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Been told we have a visitor from across the pond this Wednesday, lets be on our best please.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all, hopefully just being yourselves, I don't have a "best" to be on.

Thanks to Steve for posting the photos, I just hope the car works somewhat. It's a long time since I last built or drove a 1/32 car with a C-can!

See you all tomorrow, I am certainly looking forward to it.

(And I can clean tracks with the best of them - lots of practice at Buena Park Raceway)

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A white sports coat, and a pink carnation.
I'm all dressed up for the dance ....

Let the music begin,
Fantastic turnout as usual and even had visitors from across the pond!
Think Dennis Sampson had a good time, not the usual track he is used to but still managed to move up a final.
Good to see Bob Hallums who took the win [just!] with a borrowed car and controller, he has even taken up cycling!
The cleaning session had to be postponed due to people not checking the calender so it will now take place on the 30th September for the 1/32 retro meeting.
Had a reminder from Mike Forman [treasurer] that some people still haven't paid there sub's which were due in April!
If you haven't yet paid or are having problems with your direct debit then please sort them.
Thanks for a great night guys, good to see a great dice for the win, and Dennis' super-smooth Chappy.
Thanks to all the Retro guys at NLSME for the warm welcome and fun racing last night.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, meeting you all, seeing the clubhouse, which reminded me so much of many South African slot car clubs, seeing all of your wonderful cars, and then getting to watch a really tight final with some great driving from Bob and John S.

I hope to be back some time, and I promise I will be faster!

Take care, all!

A great night was had by all. I think that's unanimous?
It was a pleasure to have you with us, Dennis.

I'll be better braced next time!
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Hi All
Due to the track/room needing cleaning after next Thursday for the "Revival" meeting on the 30th it was decided [by majority vote] that F32 should be brought forward to this Wednesday and the scheduled 1/32 1.5 F1/pre 64 sports run on the 10th October, the track will be in a better state to race on for this last class.
So it's 1/32 F32 this Wednesday night, doors open as usual and without fail at 7.30pm till late.
If you don't want to end up parking in the main road I would suggest getting in early as the massive turn out last club night caused all sorts of parking problems in the local area!
Whoops, busy weekend here.

Calendar says F32 and track clean on the 5th so that's what it'll be then.
I'll be there, sniffing white spirits until I feel no more pain.

First Retro night of 2013 this coming Wednesday.
Hoping for a visit from Wandering Chris Musto who has always excelled at F32 in the past.

The testing of Group C cars is set to continue as well. Four untouched examples of these will be on sale for £45 each at the club.

Will be on my return journey while you all will be playing toy cars, lets hope for more of the massive turn outs that we had last year!

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Quick results from last Wednesday.

P1: 126.38 laps - Chris Musto
P2: 118.45 laps - Bill Jenner
P3: 117.69 laps - Steve Kempson
P4: 101.18 laps - John Dilworth
P5: 95.50 laps - Allan Feldman

Good night's racing and general car testing. Very nice to see Howmet again and the visit from Bill Jenner was another pleasure. Congratulations to Chris on his very fast run.
I need to have a serious look at my F32 car ...

Hi all you Wednesday nighters, it's F32 this Wednesday.
Doors open without fail at 7.30pm and depending how quick we can get through the heats/finals, down the pub before last orders.
Be early to secure prime box space!
John et al: Thanks for making a visitor welcome last night, and for lending a car too. Interesting cars and bits to see, not only F32, and friendly banter. Must be the first time anywhere I've worked my way up from the C final to the A! I guess it's down to track time.

Hope to be along to the next F32 night.

Luton SCC.
A pleasure to meet you, Richard. Welcome any time.

It's a massive one next Wednesday 15th, ECRA F32, yes you heard it right!
Expect to see the usual massive turn out, might have to split the paid up members into two and a have a second club night just to keep everybody happy!
Doors open at 7.30 till late unless the track power supply packs up and are no able to run the finals so no results
, in which case down the pub!
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Sorry Gent's next Wednesday 15th should read "Hard Bodied pre 72 sports and front engined GP+ SlotIt GpC", F32 will be the following meeting on the 29th.
I take it F32 is on for tonight?
Regards Allan
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