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F32 at NorLon

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Hi All
Its the first round of F32 next Wednesday night, for them who do not have one yet bring along you hard bodied 1/32 cars and we will have seperate heats for you.
Doors open at 7.30pm till we get down the pub.
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Yes Allan it's F32 as usual, doors open at 7.30PM for the few people that didn't know!
F32 cars return to Retro North London next Wednesday.

Chris Musto will be in Japan, so I'll naturally be moving up one place in the results. On the other hand, Bill Jenner from Timaru has expressed his intention to be there for the next F32 night so I'll be moving down a place again if that's the case.

It all evens out in the end ...
QUOTE (lowrider @ 19 Jul 2013, 14:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bill Jenner from Timaru has expressed his intention to be there for the next F32 night so I'll be moving down a place again if that's the case.

Did Bill tell you he finished second to Paul Harwood in the recent BSCRA Classics race for F32 at Ipswich? In a close race I got fourth (of four...) with an ex-Mike Dockery HB chassis kindly lent by David Hackforth (like Mike a Pieces of Eight driver from 40 years ago but that's another story). The frame looked rather better than some others of Ross Brawn's that I've seen; one resides in my projects pile.

If I can persuade the pinion to stay put on my own Mura B motor fettled by John Secchi I'll be running my SCD F32 at NorLon this week. Check it out here

Luton SCC.
Very pretty T122, Richard. Good to hear that F32s are being raced elsewhere as well, even if only on a one-off basis.

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening.
A good evening's sport, thank you gentlemen. Enhanced by the sounds played and before you arrived the railway modellers next door provided a guided tour with a mug of tea!

A little illustrated report can be found here

(the racing roving reporter)
A pleasure racing with you last night Richard, and extra thanks for the rapid race report. It was a fun night.

P1: 30.54 - Steve Kempson
P2: 30.40 - Bill Jenner
P3: 27.60 - John Dilworth
P4: 27.00 - Richard Hills
P5: 26.03 - John Crocker
P6: 23.04 - Allan Feldman

An evening of borrowed cars. John D and I shared one after his motor expired early on and I borrowed John C's car and controller for the final.
Excellent run from top qualifier, Bill, who only came under any pressure in the final. The first time either of us had topped 30 laps all evening.

Retro Can-Am in two weeks time.
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It's back, F32 this Wednesday night, doors open @ 7.30pm till before last orders, but only if your car key's don't get there before you!
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