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Fab day at Gaydon.

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Just got back from the Slot Festival.
I had an excellent time.
Nice to meet some of the faces from SF.
I thought the HO guys in particular had made a most impressive effort with their fast track.
Thanks to everyone who made it a great day.
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Where you in the Nercs T-Shirt and have a blonde lady with you?
Glad you liked the HO track.

QUOTE (choc-ice @ 22 May 2011, 20:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Julian, sorry I missed you - there were no Husky T shirt wearers when I looked around.

No worries, I wasn't wearing the Husky T shirt as I couldn't find it in my hurried exit from the house on Saturday and the battery was flat on my phone so I couldn't ring you.
I was very good and only bought 1 car, an SCX Alpine Renault BNIB for £15.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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