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Fab day at Gaydon.

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Just got back from the Slot Festival.
I had an excellent time.
Nice to meet some of the faces from SF.
I thought the HO guys in particular had made a most impressive effort with their fast track.
Thanks to everyone who made it a great day.
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Fantastic day out! Was awesome to meet Kev aka Loosesalute although I will admit I was struggling with your impressive accent!

I had a pretty good run in the HO GP: 4th in the open wheel and then 3rd in Nascar in the afternoon was good.

I only had time for a quick 20 minute run round the museum and two quick sprints through the rest of the exhibits. Bit disappointed that I didn't get to try out any 1/24, 1/32 or 1/43rd (those DNanos looked lovely) but hey ho, there is always next year.


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1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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