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Fab day at Gaydon.

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Just got back from the Slot Festival.
I had an excellent time.
Nice to meet some of the faces from SF.
I thought the HO guys in particular had made a most impressive effort with their fast track.
Thanks to everyone who made it a great day.
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Well my personal view is I had a great day!

Unfortunately racing etc with the battle of the manufacturers meant I only had 30 mins to do a rush around the museum!

Also never got to have a chat with people of the forum I wanted to! Apologies to Rikorocket as I said I'd be back but never made it!
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Had a great day there too....

great tracks....too many new cars to choose from and museum was good too.

pity it took ages to get in and an 71/2hour round trip to the North East was abit much....
It was a brilliant day in the HO Zone...

The direct link is here if your browser doesn't like the embedded video.
Yes a good event with very large crowds. The swap area was particularly difficult to negotiate!

Even though its good if events are in the midlands, Gaydon is not the best venue to be honest as for many its very difficult to get to. I only live near Bedford and it took me hours as it is a trip across country. The queue to get in didn't help eveyones mood as the wind was really quite bad, but there was plenty to see once inside.

As a scenic modeller I was a little disappointed with the lack of scenic / slotted tracks, but there was more than enough to keep me interested.

By the way if you like motor museums and live a little further south (Befordshire / Milton Keynes way) there is a great little car museum that has some unusual cars in it thats worth a visit. Lots of cars that the average man in the street used to own, but are now getting rare.

Stondon Motor Museum
Talking of difficult to get to - a friend was planning to get there by public transport... nearest train station was 8 miles and there were poor bus links with none running on Sunday! He was pretty keen on attending so ended up hiring a car for the day.
I came by train from Brighton. Return ticket (booked in advance with rail card) = £24. Taxi from Banbury = £25. Plus a (free) lift back to the station.

It is possible
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Good to know Woodcote. My friends return trip from somewhere in Kent to arrive in the morning would have been £52, we couldn't find the taxi prices easily.
Had a great day. Well done to the organisers.

Hopefully it was commercially successful and there will be one next year with the swapmeet area getting a bit more space and the queuing reduced.

Many many thanks to Paul Blows who was on one of the stalls.

One more thing - the date - can we have it earlier in the month ?
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