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Falcon F1 results from Oaklands Park.

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Race Report:-

With Fi deciding not to race (to much wine???😀😀) and Sandy with a bandaged wrist (don't ask) there were 10 of us to race effing ones. In the "C" final was Ralph, Robbie and Rich, with Ralph driving like the Ralph of old he soon scurried off into the lead with Robbie in 2nd place and Rich unusually struggling with a car that needs some serious looking at, that was the pattern for the whole race with Ralph 1st, Robbie 2nd and Rich 3rd. In the "B" final was Ian, Steve and Sue' it was Steve who was in the lead at the end of the 1st segment 11/2 laps up on Ian and poor old Sue was struggling at the back with a borrowed car she never got to grips with. In the 2nd segment the lead swapped several times between Ian and Steve but it was Ian who was driving the steadier and smoother race and at the end was leading by 13/100ths of a lap a lead he never lost so at the finish it was Ian 1st, Steve 2nd and Sue 3rd. In the "A" final was Brian,Simon,Greg and Dave. Brian was first out of the traps and he started to pull a small lead out but he had too many offs and at the end of the 1st segment it was Simon 1 lap up on Dave who was 10/100ths of a lap up on Greg who was 11/4 laps up on Brian. By the end of the 2nd segment Brian had caught and passed Greg and Dave and set after Simon but he was never able to catch him and that's how it stayed until the end of the race with Simon 1st, Brian 2nd, Dave 3rd and Greg 4th. Driver of the night has to go to Simon for a good win (his 1st in F1 i think) but also worth a mention are Dave's 3rd on the podium and ians great drive. The top 3 were Simon, Brian and Dave.

Thanks Sandy xx


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