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Falcon F1 - 4th January 2019

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Falcon F1 - 4th January 2019

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Race Report :-

With Ralph down with the dreaded man flu and Sandy and Greg deciding not to race plus 3 of the Burton bunch away for various reasons it left 8 of us to race the crash fest formally known as F1. In the "B" final was Steve, Sue, Rich and Fi , Steve went into the lead from the start followed by Sue who at times was the fastest car on the track then Fi and finally Rich who was having all sorts of handling problems and that's how it stayed but Fi managed to break the guide off her car (Dave's) in the 3rd segment and had to borrow Ralph's. In the "A" final was Simon, Dave, Ian and sue, Brian was 1st out of the gate followed by Simon, Dave who had borrowed Greg's car because of Fi breaking his (i hope you are keeping up with this as i will be asking questions later) and Ian who seemed to be having problems and was not his usual smooth self and that's how it finished. Driver of the night goes to Fi for the most spectacular crash and the top 3 were Brian, Simon and Steve. After Brian had made the tea a few stats for 2018 were read out and there were 28 different drivers for club nights ( not including area rounds and open meetings) that the average attendance was 9.2 per night with the highest being 19 and the lowest 4,the most popular club night was the club cars with an average of 12.8 attending, all in all a very good year for Oaklands Park.

See you all Soon Sandy xx


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