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Hi All

Please find below results from 16/03/18:-

Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle Hood
Computer Personal computer Output device Computer monitor Computer monitor accessory

Race Report:-

With the return of Trevor Tennant after a few months absence 6 of us set forth to race F1 (F2). In the "B" final were Ian, Ralph and Greg and each one of them had the lead at one time or the other, it was Ian that took the lead in the first segment while behind him Ralph and Greg were trying to see who could knock who off the most but once the novelty had worn off they set after Ian, but almost imediatley Greg ran into brain (sorry braid) trouble, once he got that sorted he set off after of the other two. At the end of the second segment Ian was 2 laps clear of Greg who had pulled 4 laps back on Ralph to be 11/100ths in front, then it all began to change as Ian began to slow with what looked like a puncture (or he had run out of tyres) so at the end of the 3rd segment Greg was now 2 laps up on Ralph who was 11/2 laps up on Ian and that's how it finished. In the "A" final was Brian,Simon and Trevor, Brian went into the lead from the start and on to win while behind Simon was in 2nd with Trevor in 3rd using a borrowed car and that's how it stayed until the end.Driver of the night goes to Greg going from a a bad start to 3rd place overall. The top three were Brian, Simon and Greg.

See you all Soon Sandy xx


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