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OK this might be a long shot but here goes...

Anyone on SF a member of the Quorn club? Reason I ask is that a couple of weeks ago a carload of us from Oaklands went over to Leicester to visit the BSCRA club that is in the processes of being started up there. Present at the club was a guy called Kevin (sorry, didn't catch the surname) from the Quorn club who was suggesting running a short series racing Fly Classics on wooden tracks in the Midlands - such as Quorn, Leicester and Oaklands (Smethwick)

To cut a long story short a few of the Oaklands boys are quite keen on doing this so if any of you SFs could let that Kevin know this and pass on my email ( or just post a note here that would be great as we could decide upon dates and car rules and regs.

TIA if anyone can help

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