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Special Night Report - Farnham 2 Hours

After a successful first running last October, the Farnham 2 Hours was back once again, only this time utilizing the rapid club Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo's.

Teams of two would race on each lane for 30 minutes. The cars stayed put while the teams rotated to make everything fair and even for all.

In the first 30 minutes it was to be a nightmare for Ben and Chris as the right rear wheel came off not once, not twice but three times losing a minute and a half in the process. With the clubs youngest members 13 laps down on the team in third it was going to be a long evening!

Lawrence and Paul put in a respectable stint to end the first half hour in third while the wily old duo of Alec and Graham took a one-lap lead ahead of sports car hero Adrian and rallying superstar Gareth

End of 30 minutes

Alec and Graham - 156 laps
Adrian and Gareth - 155 laps (+1 lap)
Lawrence and Paul - 147 laps (+9 laps)
Ben and Chris - 134 laps (+22 laps)

In the second half hour it was to be Adrian and Gareth who edged in front claiming a three lap lead on Alec and Graham who made a handful of costly errors.

The battle for the final spot on the podium was also starting to hot up as Ben and Chris got their heads down and managed to chalk up 3 laps more than the pairing of Lawrence and Paul to reduce the deficit to 10 laps.

End of 1 hour

Adrian and Gareth - 319 laps
Alec and Graham - 316 laps (+3 laps)
Lawrence and Paul - 295 laps (+ 24 laps)
Ben and Chris - 285 laps (+34 laps)

Going into the third quarter a strategic approach was taken by Ben and Chris to bring them back into the game. Ben stayed out for 25 minutes to bridge a 12-lap gap over Lawrence and Paul. Chris stylishly brought the car home 11 laps clear to overhaul Lawrence and Paul into a fine third place.

At the top Adrian and Gareth worked well together to pull out a comprehensive cushion of 15 laps going into the final quarter over Alec and Graham.

End of 1.5 hours

Adrian and Gareth - 482 laps
Alec and Graham - 467 laps (+15 laps)
Ben and Chris - 446 laps (+36 laps)
Lawrence and Paul - 445 laps (+ 37 laps)

Barring any disasters the top two positions were decided which meant the focus turned to the fight for third.

Adrian and Gareth were to bring the car home safely to secure the win and an 18-lap advantage. Try as they may Alec and Graham could not overturn the deficit as they settled for second.

The ding-dong battle between Ben and Chris and Lawrence and Paul raged on with the two pairings trading positions throughout the race. A good stint by both Lawrence and Paul saw them just pip the clubs young duo by 1 lap!

Farnham 2 Hour Results

Adrian and Gareth - 639 laps
Alec and Graham - 621 laps (+18 laps)
Lawrence and Paul - 599 laps (+40 laps)
Ben and Chris - 598 laps (+ 41 laps)

Next up we have our next season of own car racing before we go stateside for an American racing night on the 15th July.

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Thanks Ben

It was a good evening's racing and well organised. It was a shame about the blue lane Gallardo and you and Chris bearing the brunt of the wheel coming off, but on the bright side that meant it was fixed for the rest of us!
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