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Farnham Slot Rally - Surrey - 23rd Sept 2012

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In association with Farnham Scalextric Club, SlotRallyGB is proud to announch the seventh round of the championship will take place on Sunday 23rd September 2012 at Farnham Scalextric Club - Farnham Conservative Club - Ivy Lane - Farnham - Surrey - GU9 7PQ

Doors will open at 0830. Parking is available on-site.

Breakfast will be served along with food during the day and the bar will be open during lunch.

Stages will be a mixture of Ninco, SCX, Scalextric and routed tracks some tracks will not have brakes!

This is the thread to enter this round, please add your name to this thread if you wish to enter.

1. Gareth Jex (SAT)
2. Don Stanley
3. Lawrence Atrill (SAT)
4. Alec Edge
5. Nick Garton
6. Adrian Leggett
7. Jenson Leggett (jr)
8. Chris Evans
9. Paul Evans
10. Brian (Farnham)
11. Paul 2. (Farnham)
12. Norman Facey
13. Graham Smith
14. Jamie Coles
15. Jim Moyes
16. Steve Baker replaced with Lee Green - Pete Day
17. Martyn the nervous
18. Sebastian Birchmore (jr)
19. Alan Birchmore
20. Julian Allard
21. Chris Angold
22. Dave Capelan
23. Ryan Kneale
24. Ben Clements (jr)
25. Keith Clements
26. Steve Jones
27. Craig Jones
28. Phil Field
29. Gary Williams
30. David Williams
31. Wayne Goble
32. Luke Tyrell
33. Alan Davis
34. Nigel Lewis
35. Chris Lewis (Jr)
36. John Underwood
37. Phil Barry
38. Russell Powell
39. Matt Tucker
40. Bill Charters
41. Keith Jenkins
42. Dave Lord
43. Phil Upton
44. Lee Henderson
45. Kane Tilley
46. Charles Tilley
47. Wes Hooker
48. Alan Murrell
49. Tony Squires

Please reserve your place as quickly as possible and let others know about the event.

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Can cars that are legal for the 80s class also run in classic then?
I thought the R5 did not run until 1980, but Gareth is an expert at these things. It must of run pre-launch at least once then.
Perhaps the cut-off point should be changed to 1978. Rallying went through a lot of changes around 1979-1982 and as things stand Classic is neither arthur nor martha.

QUOTE (pasiro @ 25 Aug 2012, 15:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>According to Wiki it didn't come R5 Turbo didn't come out until 1980 which means it has to be 80's, doesn't it?

When it comes to something as specific as this I'd trust Gareth over wikipedia any day of the week.
Sure, it is going great guns and it is something I enjoying reading about.

But any time you have dated cut-offs you will have incongruities. The R5T is one of them.
Yes, and Gareth knows his onions too.

But to my mind the R5T belongs in the brief period after the classic 2WD cars and before the 4WD Group B monsters. if it ran in 1979 it could only of been a few of times, and not in the WRC. I saw it in 1981, by which time 4WD was the thing to have.

I liked the look of the earlier Group B cars, but not the way they went. The later cars I could not warm too at all.

By contrast I loved the R5T, I just think it looks 'wrong' next to Escorts and Fiats etc.
OK, I think that is covered by having faith in Gareth. He lives and breaths this stuff.

However, what happens if you buy a legal car shape that ran after 1979? As Paul says the cars show on their packaging which rally they ran in. That is going to be the case with a lot of the R5Ts I would think. This means a 1980s cars IS running in classic, despite what you say.
I think it is you guys that need to re-read things:

Typically cars in this class include (but not limited to) the following.

This list is not exclusive and if you wish to run a car not shown above just get in touch and we can advise

The R5T took part in the 1979 Rally Italy at the very least, so you are OK Lee. I suppose if you have a colour scheme from 1980 onwards they could say you should not or run it??

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That is a Maxi, no way they ran before 1980.

Looks as if we need Gareth....
Right, but are the cars classed by shape or colour scheme?

In other words the car in post #92 is legal, but the exact same mould of a car than rallied in 1980 is not?

The rules are not clear.
So what happens to LeeH's points from AEC?

Lesson learned, move on?
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