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Sunday 25th September - Farnham Scalextric Club - Farnham Conservative Club - IVY LANE, Farnham, GU9 7PQ.

Doors open 0830, bar, food available on the day. MAP

Please use this thread to confirm your entry.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Lawrence Attrill
3. Jim Moyes
4. Alan Murrell
5. Phil Barry
6. Matt Tucker
7. Adrian Legget
8. Jenson Leggett
9. John Underwood
Tom Ainscow
Steve Ainscow
10. Luke Tyrrell
11.Don Stanley
12.Chris Greggory
13. Phil Field
Ian Howard
14. Wayne Goble
15. Chris Evans
16. Paul Evans
17. Graham Smith
18. Alan Davies
19. Sebastian Birchmore
20. Alan Birchmore
21. Jamie Coles
22. Alec Edge
23. Toby Attrill (Junior)
24. Patrick Attrill (Junior)
25. Graham Smith
26. David Lord
27. Keith
28. Wes
29. Norman
30 Will Edge
31. Kane Tilley
32. Charles Tilley

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Me! Me! Me!

Ooh look! I'm already on the list.

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Whilst discussing my progress so far in this years slot rally with my wife Su, I pointed out that I obviously need more practice, her response was that I should get used to the fact that I'm just not that good at it!

I'm off to the garage..................

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Hi Gareth/Jim.
Best of luck with your round of SRGB, I won't be able to make it to this years event, as it date clashes with Mike Wall's Yorkley Classic event. I hope the slight glitches of last year are smoothed out, and also hope for the visiting drivers sake, that all or at least most of the stages are wired for brakes!!
Best wishes for a successful event,
Regards Bill.

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Planning on coming, not 100% tho

Fortunately the scalex cortina and focus are being retired

So at the moment its just:

Pro Stock - Avant Slot Subaru N14
80's - SCX Renault 5 Maxiturbo

Will likely enter 2 more cars, but am unsure what at the moment.

Luke Tyrrell

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I'll update with the complete menu later tonight, but as Gareth has said, food will be available.

The person opening up the club for us this year is also the 'chef' for the Farnham Conservative Club (our landlords), so will providing a range of hot rollls from early morning - Bacon, Egg, Sausage rolls, and at lunch will be doing his normal range of bar food, including chips.

The kitchen proved very popular at Oxford, so I'm hoping that this addition to the Farnham event will meet similar approval!



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Please put me down for an entry.

80`s -Ninco 911
Modern-Ninco Mitsi Evo
Modified-Powerslot 350z
Prostock- I will be droping my Fly BMW, bit of a dissapointment only good on routed tracks,and using a
MSC Subaru WRC inline bought from Hotlap at Oxford.


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Just a quick heads up for those coming to Farnham.

At least two of the stages will use SCX classic track. The reason for saying this is guide flag height - the SCX and Scalextric Classic track slot is shallow and deep guides will hit the bottom.

Reducing the depth of your guide flag is allowed within the rules and i suggest you do so before you get the event.

The Original Scalextric Rubber track (pre-plexi) that was used last year, will not be used again this year.
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