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Hey guys, I don't mean to brag, but as part of developing an SL1-M chassis, I filed a shallow notch into the rear arms of my snap-in chassis. And glued in 2 small 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/16 Neodymium magnets from K&J Magnets.

They're set to just clear the rails.
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Then my crew chief and I raced it on our 14-15' drag strip. The Autoworld electronic gates kept it honest.

It beat every single car we ran it against. It beat our fastest Tyco 440-X2 (with HCSlots custom magnets) by almost a full 15" straight. It beat all the Mega G's. All the Mega G+s. Everything. I'm not sure why it's so fast... I'd have thought it was the same motor as the new Mega G+ chassis. And it's only slightly lighter than them. But it smoked everything we put against it.

And I wasn't even running full throttle for fear of burning out the motor. Then we swapped drivers just to make sure it wasn't reaction time. Same results. I even tried letting the other cars get a decent head start off the line, and it still beat them to the finish. This thing is a ROCKET! It must be those yellow-belled N20's I got from PartsPig. I'll have to post some videos later.

The small magnets serve mainly to provide traction. They're not as strong as those on the Mega Gs. Which makes it interesting in the turns. Much faster in the straights, but more prone to going airborn in tight turns. With the SL1-M prototype in development, I'll set up a test sled that allow for different fore-aft positions, as well as the ability to tune their height off the rails. It'll be curious to see what works best.

I just can't get over how quick this thing is. I better start making some bigger wings.
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