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This topic came up as I was testing my new Slot It 956, what a fabulous car!! Great handling with or without the magnet, please make more cars, Slot It! Anyway, after testing it without the magnet, I found that it was virtually just as quick as my Fly Race versions. These have been the no mag champs on my track. My track is about 50+ foot Scaley Sport with dual stock power supplies and an 11 foot straight. I was impressed with the 956 running no mag, especially because it ws so light. It gripped well, had very controllable power, and had great balance.

The Flys are the 911 GT1 98 Evo2RS and the Saleen GT 02. They are maybe just a tick quicker than the 956, but carry a little more weight and the larger NC-2 size race motor. The other quick no mag car I have is the SOK Ninco McLaren GTR with the NC-5 motor. It is only a tick behind the 956 this is with stock tires and no added weight in any of the cars. I have a Panoz GTR that I run non mag with about 7gr of weight added in the rear and it is right up there with the McLaren, but only with the added weight. I also have a Pro Slot Toyota GT1, but run it and the Slot It Audi with magnets.

The inline, rear motor mount chassis seem to be the best balanced for non mag running. I find the front motor and sidewinders need a little weight added to the opposite end to get good balance. I have heard the Fly Lola racer is even quicker than the 911 or Saleen, but haven't seen one yet. I am curious to hear what others fastest RTR out of the box stock cars with no mags are?

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They Audi and Toyota you mentioned are also extremely good non magnet runners, and in fact anything by Slot.It and ProSlot will be.

If you want to stretch your 'out the box' defenition to a Slot.It HRS rtr chassis then those preform very well too.

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The ProSlots are a favorite of mine, too, but I have a ProSlot Porsche 911 GT3 with an EVO3 motor which absolutely flies. Without the mag it handles great and those tyres grip like no other stock tyre.

Also, the Cartrix Honda NSX is super quick, I have just added a small amount of weight near the guide to keep the nose down.

The SlotIts are great, too and I have removed the mags from these as well. The new Porsches though are a bit taily on my Sports track, but are quick none the less. I have actually replaced one of my SlotIt Audi motors with an Proslot EVO3 and this has made this car an absolute demon.

What can I say, I love ProSlot cars.

Its a shame they are so scarce as they are great cars.


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PeteN - try fitting Slot.Its own P3 tyres to the rear of that 956 ! Then watch it Fly (sorry for the pun)

I have one set up with a sidewinder config and much prefer it to the inline for handling.

But I agree Slot.It are way out in front when it comes to out of the box performance.

As for Proslot, well I like them alot but would argue their out of box performance. 90% (roughly) have broken plastic pinion problems and a fair number have twisted chassis and build quality issues.

My ordered list for out of the box non mag cars (allowing for removing magnets but nothing else) would be-

Fly (But ONLY the racing series and only the later ones of those)

I would also say that performance will not be appreciated with Slot.It and Fly racing cars on smaller home circuits so don't go buying one for a 5 metre track and expect miracles folks.

BTW, for those with the long tail Lola racer from Fly - you can now buy cheap body only versions of the short tails and retro fit them! These were already damn quick and the shorter, lighter body should drop a little edge into your corner plus you get to do a little building and customising.
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