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PeteN - try fitting Slot.Its own P3 tyres to the rear of that 956 ! Then watch it Fly (sorry for the pun)

I have one set up with a sidewinder config and much prefer it to the inline for handling.

But I agree Slot.It are way out in front when it comes to out of the box performance.

As for Proslot, well I like them alot but would argue their out of box performance. 90% (roughly) have broken plastic pinion problems and a fair number have twisted chassis and build quality issues.

My ordered list for out of the box non mag cars (allowing for removing magnets but nothing else) would be-

Fly (But ONLY the racing series and only the later ones of those)

I would also say that performance will not be appreciated with Slot.It and Fly racing cars on smaller home circuits so don't go buying one for a 5 metre track and expect miracles folks.

BTW, for those with the long tail Lola racer from Fly - you can now buy cheap body only versions of the short tails and retro fit them! These were already damn quick and the shorter, lighter body should drop a little edge into your corner plus you get to do a little building and customising.
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