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Faulty Power Bases

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Apologies in advance, if dead power bases are already being discussed elsewhere on this forum.

I've just got back from a week's holiday on a remote Scottish island in the Hebrides, and we had two sets of the new digital Scalextrics to play with:) So we had a spare power base, plus 4 cars etc.

A good time was had by all, until...

We blew the first power base up after about 4 hours running.

Our second (spare) power base lasted a few days, before it too went faulty :-(

Then we spent two days lamenting the loss of our dear departed Scalextrics.

Power bases appeared to 'die' during some sort of transient overload condition,. Perhaps where the power base's micro-processor was not quick enough to detect a short circuit ??

In the 'dead' mode the screen of the power base can be seen to illuminate briefly for a few micorseconds, when a power converter is initially plugged in. Then screen goes totally blank and there is no voltage on the output rails. Seems that the power bases are presenting a short circuit to the switched mode power supplies, and these power supplies are (correctly) shutting down. Looks like a blown up chip in both faulty power bases to me.

We had two 12VDC supplies plugged in to the power bases when they blew.

Mate who'd brought the Scalextric sets took them both back today for a full refund.

Looks like Hornby have got a serious problem with this revision of the power bases.

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The Scalextric Power base is basically a 1A diod made rectifier.
Which mean that you put all that current a magnatraction car use through a far to small component...
You can replace them with more serious diods, like 3A.

And what does all these legal hububians get the one asking the original question?
It was, or wasn't.
But there was practical help, and there were theoretical "help"...
And the practical part got drowned in legalities, legalities that is different for each country.

The point is, after have burnt out two bases, perhaps it's time to not try to get new ones, but to get the existing ones to work, right?
And then the (drowned) practical help comes in handy...

Quite right, and can we do much about that, right here?
Better to give a fix to the problem as such, as the one I offered.

Hm... two in one, was the switch switched to that?

And if it was I'd say it's back to basics - two cars divide enough of the juice to not burn the diods; with one car it gets all juice - through that all to small 1A diod rectifier.

1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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