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According to the site summary thingy Mr. Fergy is celebrating a birthday!

Cheers eh, here's raising a nice cold Molson Golden yer way.

Ken R

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Fergy getting older? Is that possible?

I think we should be told.

I think he's a good guy, why, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be using a meter to measure the thingy rating of all my SCX cans - I got a sixer the other day!

Happy Birthday, chap.

Alan Tadd
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Well, Well, well .....It comes around Again, (and again...etc).

Many Happy returns to you Fergy, and that smelly old fish you sent me is on it's way back to you.

Have a great day



Happy Birthday, you are really old, a whole six months older than me.

I hope you have many more to celebrate.

Best wishes,


Brian Ferguson
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Thanks, everyone!!
I don't feel more than a day older than yesterday.

Ken, the Golden was good, especially when washed down with a few Blue!
Good grief.... we drink colours here...

McLaren, the new house has one less level.
But the real reason for that is a larger basement, and we all know what goes there!

JP.... thanks for the PM. I have an addressed box waiting, a clothes pin on my nose, and am waiting for the mail lady to arrive with BJ's "return".

EM... I have a little way to go I suppose, but percentage-wise, I'm catching you every year!

Thanks again all!!

Graham Windle
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51 today 51 today,
hes got the key of the door ,
never been 51 before,
livin in his igloo ,
moose meat every day,
freeze a jolly good fellow 51 today
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