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Hi All,
I thought I would start a new thread to show the progress on my 312 as all of the pictures in the existing thread useful and informative as they are are taking forever to download on my ISDN connection.

As some of you pointed out, the shell is clearly modelled on the 312 as initially unveiled, not a 612 which i suspected due to the front vents matching some 612 pictures i have seen and none of the 312 pictures i have seen.

The pictures here show the body sitting on a modified fly venturi chassis with full running gear, In previous pictures the car was balanced on some loose wheels hence the excess ride height.

I would have liked to get the rear of the car to sit another mm lower so that the wheel arch is level with the top of the wheel rim, but there just isn't any more room. I have shortened the venturi chassis about 5mm and sanded the front axel holders to bring the front wheels in under the arches.

The maxi models driver does a pretty good job of bringing the intake into proportion with the rest of the car and will soon find this his permanent home.

The white just visible behind the driver and the front wheel is right angle section styrene that i used to brace the chassis where it has been shortened.

Still loads to do, but now I have a running chassis there are no excuses not to finish it.

Thanks for your comments so far,
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