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Here are the latest pictures of my classic shells Ferrari 312 balanced on some fly wheels. Since scratch building the rear deck and intake cover I have seen pictures of a 1:1 Ferrari 612 on the maxi models website and realise that the unaltered shell is actually a 612 not a 312.

The remaining jobs are :-

1) Scratch build the rear lights - I am planning to use sections of acryllic rod in transulcent red and orange which I will mount in plasticard panels.

2) Mesh screens - There are two cut out panels in the rear in which i will mount woven metal.

3) Shade panel lines - I will mix some thin dark red paint to run along the panel lines, into intakes etc

4) Headlight detail - I plan to use strips of bare metal foil to model tape over the headlight covers

5) Driver - Need to find one with a big head to balance the overscale intake

6) Exhausts - Probably bare metal foil around cut down cotton buds

7) Decals - The easy part


· Alan Tadd
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That's coming on a treat Duane, those Fly Wheels are a real asset to the Scratchbuilder.

As regards a Driver figure try the MRRC Cobra drivers, you can get them from any of the usual online sources. Or if you really want a "big headed" driver, you could always use Scaley's "Mr. Blobby Head".



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QUOTE I have seen pictures of a 1:1 Ferrari 612 on the maxi models website and realise that the unaltered shell is actually a 612 not a 312.

Duane, the 312P was visually very similar to the earlier 612 but smaller. If you wanted to check, the wheelbase of the 612 was 2450mm and the 312P 2370mm - a difference of 2.5mm in 1/32.

Looking good

· Anthony Bartlett
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the classic shell is an accurate representation of the 312p as it was released/presented - If I recall at one of the motor shows in London - there is a picture of it in one of the model car mags that I have at home

· Russell Sheldon
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Ferrari refused to compete in the the 1968 World Manufacturer's Championship, being unhappy about the CSI's new 3-litre engine limit for sports prototypes and, in the over 5-litre class, an increase from 25 to 50 cars to be manufactured in order to receive homologation, making the P4 obsolete.

Ferrari decided instead to enter the Can Am series with the 612P. By the summer though, Enzo Ferrari had decided he did want a 3-litre prototype for 1969 and thus the 312P was conceived. The 312P was launched at Ferrari's annual press conference at the Hotel Real Fini in Modena on 14th December 1968. There is an interesting article about the 312P on the IMCA website.

Here's a picture of Chris Amon in the 3.0 Ferrari 312P during the 1969 Nürburgring 1,000-kms:-

Practically a Formula 1 car with a full-width body, the 312P should have been the fastest thing racing that year, but when the CSI decided to reduce their Group 4 build requirements back to 25 in late 1968, Porsche introduced the 917. The timing of the CSI's decision was unfortunate for Ferrari, not because the 312P was outclassed on the track, but because it meant Porsche had a season's head-start.

Kind regards

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