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· Anthony Bartlett
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SO I started this kit before a little recent trip, and now have some time on my hands to finish it.

But it has got me thinking - who remembers this kit and what was the story of it.

Rectangle Font Gas Paint Signage

Why the question you may ask..... well TKP is of the. stable of Proto slot. If I am not mistaken Chris of PS had part of his career in Provence Moulage, they of 1/43rd resin static kit fame.

This body in the kit is outstanding.

But ....

No rear lights

No rear engine detail

No rear exhausts.

Very poor (read no) interior

So why? The box does say transkit - so I assume it means you need a base kit again I assume a Fly 512s.

But that has a full interior on a sidewinder base - so why the terrible flat tray interior with a driver head that attaches to the supplied tray? Obviously for inline design.

It does not make sense to me?

Anyone remember the story behind this kit?

Vehicle Car Wheel Tire Hood

Car Vehicle Tire Hood Wheel

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

I have added a Munter interior, Lagakit rearlights, my own resin cast motor detail, and exhausts, and Fly driver with cast resin head.


· Phil Kalbfell
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From memory these early kits were esigned to fit and utilize parts from a Fly 512 chassis and body.
When they were released Fly cars were readily available.
I had some if these kits here belonging to a friend who did not want to use a good Fly car,so I reproduced the Fly parts to suit his builds.

· Anthony Bartlett
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Ahhhh of course - clicks brain into gear - part of MMK NOT protoslot (apologies Chris) - now I understand......

Phil - I agree but the lack of some of the parts not salvageable from the Fly car is what confused me......

This was the first series they produced as kits.

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Exactly, Provence Moulage were basically in the business of 1/43 resin static models. They started in 1982, went bust in 2002 then started making slot bodies under the MMK parapluie. Both companies originate from Marseille.

Here's my versions of the MMK/TKP open and closed 312P cars.

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