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I am not trying to be negative and I do not want to be picky. But firstly I must congratulate you on your build and its finish.
Just for information the Fujimi model is of the factory 330P4. But the NART and all private teams had converted P3 chassis P4 bodied cars. these were know by the factory as 412P and by the privateers 330P3/4. Confused so was , but the only noticable bodywork difference are that the
Works 330P4 (three made as coupes)
1) On the P4 this had two nose intakes as on your Fujimi.
The 412P and 3/4's(same spec cars) had one centrally placed
2) The bottom of the doors on the P4 were not level with the bottom of the rear clip.
The 412P and 3/4's(same spec cars) the bottom of the rear clip was level with the bottom of the doors
Another thing set to confuse was there was a fourth works 330P4 factory built car that was based on the 1966 330P3 and won the 1967 Daytona in spyder form. This car ran as a works spyder Number 20 before crashing and being written off.
For the 1967 BOAC 500 a works 330P4 coupe was rebodied into spyder form being driven by John Surtees.
Once again you have done a great job and in no way was my comments meant to be a criticsim.
This P4 and P3 thing has caused a lot of confusion in the past. I hope this helps.
Regards Allan
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