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I see several separate but related points here.
  1. Factual observation: The prop shaft popping out is common but easily solved.
  2. Suggestion: A small leaflet on basic car prep in with each model.
  3. Suggestion: A small note of tuning tips.
All good stuff.

2 and 3 might be seen as overlapping.
  1. Prop shaft popping clearly needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.
    It IS easily solved and should be.
  2. A note on how the customer might fix it is one way of 'dealing with it'.
    But eliminating this very common basic problem, at the factory, would obviously be peferable in every way.
  3. A nice idea that Fly, rather than the dealers, might also consider 'for the cost of a photocopy'.
    It would be a nice gesture and a neat bit of 'one-upmanship' on Fly's part.
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