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I think the Panamerica is a fabulous subject, to me it seems very neglected by at least European slot racers. Colorful liveries and interesting cars too, like the bird protection bars on the Merc 300SL. Recent pics came out of Jaguar C type 029 in a Panamerica livery Can someone tell us more about the series.

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hi sirs,

Thank you for your kind comments
I like the pictures ..... so, like an old familar album, maybe from the point of view is not correct, but everyone has their preferences.

the kit? is a PSK, slightly modified, only the rear, and the pilots, both my creation.

Perhaps the more complicated the decals in this case created by a friend, Mr. Carlos Duran ......... Cadun in the forums.

Sorry for my English ... the google .... and my ignorance makes me stay well

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